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Hello everybody, Adrienne from your pencil on your scratch paper. It does not need to be exact, simply a general sketch. Then draw up your saying inside the sweet corn shape. I drew up” Trick or treat yourself.” Experiment with flourishes on your letters to attempt and fill in all the areas of the sweet corn.Step 2 As soon as you get the design simply how you like it, put your tracing paper on top of your scratch paper and use your

Fudenosuke Brush Pen to compose out your lettering. I desired my letters to be thick, so I used 2 down strokes on each letter. Then add some fillers, like circles and flourishes, to complete the shape of a sweet corn. Ensure to not draw the outdoors lines of the candy corn, we’re going to let the smaller sized shapes develop the general shape!Step 3 Put an 8 × 10 piece of card stock paper on top of your tracing paper and place both onto your

Circuit BrightPad or tape to a brilliant window. With your pencil, gently trace the outline of your lettering and shapes.Step 4 After lightly erasing a few of the lines, start coloring in your style with a light layer

of color! I drew 2 horizontal lines through my style to produce a guide for each of the colors. To develop the sweet corn image, utilize white, orange, and yellow colored pencils. I began at the bottom and worked colored pencils and use a darker layer of color, making certain to stay within your guides and completely complete your letters. Remove any additional pencil marks with your eraser, and you ‘re done! I prepare to frame my piece and hang in my house for a little Halloween decoration!I hope you enjoyed this enjoyable how to draw candy corn lettering tutorial! For more inspiration like this, make sure you check out @studio80design!.?. !! Adrienne