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Don’t have a tumble dryer? Got one, but don’t want to use it? There are only so many dry days in the UK which means at some point even the most committed outdoor line-drier is going to have to come in from the rain..

So how about these 8 great tips for the best way to dry clothes indoors…

Tips to dry clothes indoors

1. Get rid of excess water

Give heavier items, like jeans or bedding an extra spin cycle to make sure there’s no excess water that could prolong the drying process. The last thing you need is a wet patch on your floor! If you can opt for the fastest spin cycle it’s going to cut down your dry time for sure.

2. Consider where you hang your clothes

Invest in a sturdy clothes airer, ceiling-hung clothes maid or wall-mounted rack. Far better than draping your clothing over bannisters, doorways and off the back of chairs; get yourself a dedicated rack and try to position it in a warm area of the home. 

3. Place fan in front of laundry  

Don’t forget your fans from that summer heatwave! Placing one strategically in front of your laundry can rapidly speed up the drying process. 

4. Dry clothes in well ventilated room

Position your drying in rooms where you spend the least amount of time, for example the bathroom. You want the space to be well ventilated so you can avoid allergic reactions, mildew or mould on fabrics or in your home from all the extra moisture in the air. Open windows are the best way to allow fresh air in.

5. Heated airers could make a world of difference 

Heated airers are a great option if you have a lot of indoor drying, especially if your house is quite cold. Set them up in a small room and they will even kick out some heat for you to enjoy. They can be placed anywhere to dry clothes quickly and easily and are often cheaper to run than a tumble dryer or having to rely on your heating. Just plug in the airer and it will gently heat up to dry your clothes in a few hours. 

6. Use coat hangers 

They’re not just for the wardrobe! Hang them from your drying rack and you’ll find there’s so much more space for your clothes… you’ll also cut down on the ironing required.

7. Rotate the clothes

Remember to check your clothes every few hours and rotate them around so you don’t end up with some parts drying quickly whilst other bits seem to stay damp. 

8. Dehumidifier to remove moisture 

If it’s the middle of winter and keeping a window open for ventilation is not an option, it’s worth considering a dehumidifier particularly if you already have any condensation issues. A dehumidifier removes moisture from the air and cuts down on the chances of damp affecting your windows and home in general or the risk of mould taking hold on your fabrics.

But always remember…

We reckon these 8 easy tips make indoor drying a breeze but always remember… damp clothing should NEVER be dried on storage heaters or convector heaters as this is a definite fire risk.

Finally, if there are times when you do use your tumble… try not to overload it and put pressure on the motor. You’ll also find your machine will work better in a warm room as it sucks in the surrounding air as it works. The colder the air around it… the harder it has to work to heat it up. Those tumbles out in the garage are working much harder than the one in your kitchen.