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In Premiere’s Gal in-depth video exporting guide you will find answers to all your questions about how to export high quality video from Premiere Pro for social media and broadcast. It explains video bitrate and how to customize it for optimal results. You’ll also find time-coded chapters below that show you how to do specific special types of exports like, how to export with an alpha channel or how to export a GIF in Adobe Premiere Pro. You’ll walk away with the best export settings in adobe premiere pro.

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More about Broadcast Loudness Normalization and how it works:

0:00 Introduction
1:47 Video Export Settings Overview
2:19 How to crop in export?
2:52 What is sequence in and out?
5:00 Export Effects
8:07 Advanced Export Settings
10:00 When to use Time Interpolation?
11:30 Adobe Media Encoder vs. Premiere Pro Export
12:00 New Premiere Pro Export Settings Interface
12:53 What is bitrate?
15:00 What is VBR?
16:50 What is best bitrate for 4k web video?
17:32 What is adaptive bitrate?
18:40 Coffee Break
18:55 How to export for broadcast?
20:15 When to use Render at Maximum Depth?
20:30 When to use Maximum Render Quality?
21:10 How to export for social media?
23:30 How to use Time Tuner?
24:10 How to export captions in Premiere Pro?
25:10 How to publish to social when you export?
26:43 How to export GIFS?
28:50 How to use Wondershare Uniconverter? (Ad)
21:50 How to export with a watermark?
33:22 How to save a custom preset?
33:53 How to export a video with Alpha?
34:45 How to export audio?
35:35 How to Export stills?
36:12 Answering Your Twitter Question
37:50 Outro
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