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Hello friends, fans, and followers. As many of you understand, a solid band of alt-right, shitmitten, cyberstalkers has been doing whatever they can to crawl up my ass for the last month, because they’re pitiful nobodies with no purpose or instructions in life. However, they have actually prospered in tricking Twitter’s pig-ignorant reporting algorithms into banning very first my initial @stealthygeek account, and today my replacement @patrickstomlin1 account.It’s annoying, I’ll admit, however it’s a momentary setback I’ve been anticipating for a while now and have actually taken actions to reduce. You’re probably wondering where to get your fix of my strange blend of political commentary, snark, and harsh takedowns, and fear not, I have you covered.First of all, and most notably, you can register for my e-mail list in the box right above you. I’ll only be utilizing this list to send essential updates when a new blog post goes up, or when I have big news about a new book, promotion, con look, and so on. No boner tablets, I promise. So stick your email up in my box and I’ll fill yours. Fair? Fair.For a couple months now, I have actually been enhancing my YouTube Channel with original content, including political commentary, stand-up sets, and random nerdy shit. Strike me up, watch a vid or 2, and subscribe. I’ll try to be excellent about upgrading it a minimum of weekly.I also run an Author page on Facebook, where I eliminated the politics and adhere to simply the skinny on my publishing profession. Throw it a like, if you like.I bit the bullet and got on Instagram a while back. I still don’t understand the environment, however I’m doing my finest. Follow me there @pstomlinson. If you’re an especially bookish type as I am, you most likely already have a Goodreads account. Unbelievely, so do I! You can friend or follow me at my < a href= > Goodreads Author Profile to see what I have coming out, what I read, and reviews of whatever I really handle to finish.Finally, and perhaps most usefully, Amazon actually lets you follow your preferred authors and will email you updates whenever they have a brand-new release coming out. Never ever get captured off guard and miss out on a surprise sequel again. My Amazon page is here. Follow me, and while you exist, it would not kill you to preorder STARSHIP REPO, originating from Tor Books in May. Trust me, it’s going to kick ass.Anyway, that suffices shameless self-promo for one day.

Tomorrow I guarantee to set up a blog post half as self-serving, at a minimum. Thanks for visiting, and don’t forget to spread out the word on the socials.