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The vivid bracts of Anthuriums make it stand out with its glossy green foliage. If your plant is not flowering despite you making all the efforts, then here are some fantastic ways on How to Force Anthuriums to Bloom Faster!

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What Stops Anthuriums from Flowering?

Anthuriums are finicky about the environment they are grown in. They dislike soggy soil or inadequate lighting patterns that hinder them from flowering.

You can boost the flowering by growing anthurium in plenty of indirect sunlight, high humidity, right watering, and weekly nourishment with diluted phosphorus-rich fertilizer.

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How to Force Anthuriums to Bloom Faster?

1. Proper Lighting

Anthuriums prefer moderately diffused light that imitates the feel of their home in the rainforest treetops. They require to be in indirect sunlight throughout the day. Place them on a window with indirect light the entire day for the best blooms.

You can also use a sunlamp with a timer to supplement light exposure. Avoid keeping the anthurium too close to the sunlamp as it can bake the plant.

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Place the potted anthurium plants in a tray of pebbles filled with water—change it twice a week. You can also mist the plants regularly with a spray bottle to maintain the humidity.

You can also keep it near a humidifier to help the plant bloom.

3. Change Watering Schedule According to Season

Develop a watering schedule with the season—in summer, water anthuriums once in 1-2 days. For the rest of the year, water the plant when the topsoil feels a little dry to the touch. Anthuriums are familiar with receiving plenty of moisture from a rainforest habitat.

4. Correct TemperatureBalcony

Grow this tropical plant in a temperature range between 70-85 F (21-29 C). Make sure the plant is not exposed to temperature fluctuations and drafts.

5. Fertilization

The key to making the plant bloom faster is fertilizing it more often. Use a phosphorus-rich liquid fertilizer, or a 14-14-14 mix, diluted to a quarter of its strength, once every 10 days. You can also use orchid fertilizers diluted to 10-20% of their strength.

6. Right Potting Mix

For fast blooming, grow anthuriums in a well-draining potting mixture. Keep in mind that waterlogged soil can submerge the roots by stopping them from soaking in oxygen. This impairs the plant, causes root rot, and affects blooming.

7. Keep them in Small Pots

The best way to make an anthurium bloom is to keep it in a slightly root-bound stage. However, do make sure that you don’t end up overdoing it.

If you see roots appearing on the topsoil or coming out from the drainage hole at the bottom, re-pot the plant into a bigger pot.

8. Prune the Plant!

Fading leaves and blooms take up a lot of energy from the plant as it tries to save them. Pruning on time will ensure the plant diverts its energy back into producing more spathes. Always use sanitized pruning shears.

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