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Image: iStockphoto/UberImages You require to remotely access another computer system to view files, run programs, or fix a problem. Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection, LogMeIn, and GoToMyPC are a few of the tools available for this job– another tool worth trying is On the host computer, ask the person on the other end to download and run the TeamViewerQS.exe declare the TeamViewer Quick Assistance (. exe file) module. The program shows an ID and a password, which the other individual should provide you in order to link. At the Control Remote Computer system screen on your computer system, go into the ID. Click the Link button. Get in the password and click Visit (Figure C).

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You should be linked. Now you can now search and manage the host computer. You can likewise access a variety of options from the top toolbar. The Actions tab provides commands to end the remote session, lock or reboot the computer, and send a Ctrl+Alt+Del signal (Figure D).


The View tab offers you the capability to change the size and quality of the window and adjust the screen resolution (Figure E).

Control key

The Communicate tab provides choices for conference calling, talking, and video calls (Figure F).

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The Files & Extras tab uses tools to print, take a screenshot, record the remote session, and transfer files (Figure G).


The Home tab directs you to a screen with information on the remote connection, a way to leave feedback on the program, and a command to end the session (Figure H).


You can likewise connect to more than one computer. At the Remote Desktop window, click the Plus tab. Enter the ID and after that the password of the 2nd computer you wish to access. You can then switch between the 2 remote sessions. Disconnect the remote session. Back at the Push-button control window, click Extras and select Alternatives. You can modify numerous of the settings for TeamViewer, including those for basic choices, security, push-button control, audio conferencing, and video (Figure I).


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