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Here are some brilliant tips and tricks on How to Get Red Tips on Your Jade Plant to make it look more attractive and stand out!

Here are some great secrets on How to Get Red Tips on Your Jade Plant to fulfill your wish to Grow Colorful Crassula Ovata. It will undoubtedly make sure they stand out in your home garden!

Crassula ovata has many many names like the jade plant, money plant, dollar tree, dollar plant, lucky plant, and good luck plant. It’s extremely easy to grow and very forgiving. One of the best things about this is its tips turn red and if you want to do this too with your plant, follow our tips!

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How to Get Red Tips on Your Jade Plant?

1. Vary the Exposure

Stressing a jade plant makes it colorful. To do this, place the jade plant in a slightly shadier spot for one or two weeks and water it less than usual. Then move it to a spot that receives more sunlight. This varying exposure will make the color pop really well. However, do not go overboard with the process.

2. Give it More Sun

Being succulent, the plant thrives best when you keep it in plenty of sunlight, 4-5 hours per day at least, but the more, the better for the beautiful red tip jade plant. If you’re growing it in a shady spot outdoors or indoors, it will result in green foliage.

So, find the brightest spot in your garden or home (a windowsill) and keep its pot there—the plant will soon be blushing red!

3. Expose the Plant to Slight Cold

Expose it to a lower temperature (8-10 Celsius) for some time (4-5 hours) each day to make the colors saturate at the tips, but make sure that the plant is not exposed to a temperature below 40 F (5 C) for a longer duration of time.

Similarly, exposing the plant to a little heat at a warm temperature will change the color of the foliage.

4. Add Some Clayey Soil

Here’s one secret–While it needs a well-draining soilless potting mix to grow best like other succulents, mixing a bit of clayey soil in your potting mix will surprisingly help in turning this plant more colorful.

5. Do Not Water Frequently

Watering the jade plant on a regular basis will keep the foliage very green. On the contrary, you have to keep it on a thirsty side for the tips to turn red.

Do this by letting the soil dry out between watering sessions, i.e., water once in 7-10 days. Let the topsoil develop cracks before you water the plant again.

Note: Don’t end up neglecting the plant entirely, or it may die.

6. Keep it Root Bound

Another method to make the jade plant go red at the tips is to keep it in a slightly root-bound state. Choose a pot that’s as big as the plant’s rootball for the best result.

7. Grow a Red Variety

All standard varieties become red, but the best way to have a red jade plant is to go for a variety with the same tint naturally on the foliage. Harbor Lights, Hummel’s Sunset, Calico Kitten, Campfire, Red Flames, and Crosby’s Red are the best ones to grow!

8. Withhold Feeding

If you are regularly feeding your jade, then it might be a good idea to stop doing it for a while to stress the plant, which will make the tips of the foliage go fiery red!