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How to Eliminate the Source of Misery in Management

MasterCard, was asked why he succeeded in his profession.”I would believe humility is a big part of it.

If you’re not prepared to gain from people and adjust and adjust and progress in your mind, you can’t remain in a company likethis and succeed. … I think you can be successful without humility but you won’t enjoy it as much.”Humbleness: Doesn’t need the approval of others. You can’t boss around simple leaders, however ego is easily manipulated.Connects. All true connection requires humility.Accepts individuals. If you wish to help people grow, accept them. There’s a difference between approval and approval. Shows honor. Dishonor sucks the life outof your team. When colleagues feel dishonored, they participate in self-destructive habits to penalize those who dishonored them.Serves something largerthan itself. Ego needs self-service.

  • Humbleness frees leaders to be happy.The just treat for egotistical management is the practice of humility. Luckily, you don’t need to feel simple to practice humility.How might leaders
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