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“Let’s face it, the ’90s were a whole vibe,” said ’s global brow expert, . “People who are drawn to that style of fashion and beauty tend to lean into it hard. If you’re going to commit to a wolf cut, feathered bangs or butterfly clips, you’re probably also going to want a slimmer, more tailored brow.”

“One myth about the skinny brows of 2022 are that they’re the same thin brows we remember seeing on our favorite ’90s icons,” Bailey said. “The truth is, they’re different because we’ve learned a lot since then.”

“Most importantly, we’ve learned that brows bring balance and proportion to your face and eyes. So, today’s thin brow still has density and texture. Even though the shape has slimmed in width, filling them in is key, since brows rare an important anchor while blocking out the proportions of the face.”

If you’re not ready to start plucking, there’s another way to see if this style works for you. “I always recommend a test drive before you buy,” Bailey said. “Going thin can be something that you have to wear for a while until a new cycle of hair growth restarts. To prevent any post-tweezing regret, you can lean on the magic of makeup for a less permanent way to achieve this trend at-home.”

Bailey suggests starting by brushing brows in the direction you want them to be styled, which, for thinner brows, is typically over and out toward the temple. “Then take a thin micro liner and use that to make tiny flicks in areas where the hair is thin or less dense. Keep these strokes sharp and deliberate.

“Next, use a high-coverage, matte concealer in the same shade as your skin tone, and gently pat it over the hairs that fall outside the desired new shape. If you have really dark hair, this could take more than one pass,” Bailey said. “Once you’ve successfully ‘glam-ouflaged’ those hairs, set the final look with an invisible brow gel. This will act like a top coat to your brows and lock on the entire look without fear of it smudging or budging.”

Sure, you can do it at home, but many of the brow artists we talked to urged at least one trip to a professional. “If you’re able to, seek out a professional brow artist to guide you along your transition to a skinny brow,” de la Garza said. “Brows are all about proportion, and removing the wrong hairs can really change the features of the face for the worse.”

If you’re ready to commit, Olson is clear on her preferred method: “I recommend shaving the brow hair instead of plucking. Trimming or shaving brow hair will not affect hair growth, while plucking can cause the hair to slow in growth. It’s best to use a little eyebrow razor as opposed to removing it from the root with a tweezer.”

If you’re trying this at home, pay attention to how you’re shaping. “I think a common mistake people make when they’re trying a skinny brow out for the first time is removing from the top of the brow,” Kennedy said, “You never want to do this, because it compromises your natural arch and affects the overall natural shape. You only want to take hair from the underside of the brow, along with any random stragglers.”

“Since a thin brow is more low-maintenance, it won’t require many products to maintain the look,” Olson said. “An eyebrow razor or brow scissors is helpful to get rid of stray hairs to maintain a thinner brow.”