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For the purpose of bringing in new clients, many businesses invest a lot of time and money in advertising campaigns. The process of acquiring clients involves many steps, but advertising is only one of them. The way your customer intake contacts your company after the company has attracted the potential customer to the website with marketing or advertising means is called the client intake process. This is a necessary component of any business plan. makes it easy to generate forms that allow you to easily collect data from your customers. In this blog post, you’ll learn about the client intake process, why you should use client intake forms, how you can optimize your client intake process to your advantage, and how to create your lead client intake process forms.

What is the client intake process?

The client intake process lays the groundwork for the vendor’s and client’s continuous relationship. Information on the client and the project is gathered during this crucial stage, which will be used throughout the project’s lifespan. A client intake procedure is necessary to increase client happiness and increase the revenue for your company. Successful businesses are distinguished from less successful ones by a strong conversion process that turns interested prospects into paying customers.

The client intake process lays the groundwork for the company’s and customer’s ongoing relationship. It is the crucial step in the project lifecycle where customer and project information is gathered. The client intake process is the procedure for developing project proposals and deciding whether to accept the work or not. This technique is frequently used in conjunction with an ideation process and a comprehensive portfolio decision framework. However, it can also be used on its own.

For smaller firms, this method is more difficult to implement and carry out, but for larger organizations, it’s rather simple. This is so that the client intake process may be streamlined, as larger organizations have more bandwidth to build up the necessary infrastructure. More importantly, a systematic client intake is critical for creating a strong first impression on clients. Plus, it helps keep your office running efficiently, whether you’re just starting or have an established business.

What is the client intake process?

How to create intake forms for your website

Onboarding a new client isn’t only about getting their email address or their project request on your email. It also includes the client’s first interaction with your organization and the journey ahead until the moment they sign a contract or reach an agreement, which leads to work. It’s an entire process of attracting and hiring new prospective clients. 

Client intake, in certain ways, also includes onboarding new clients after they’ve signed on with your firm. If it is a web form, you can classify your data and organize all the knowledge assembled more efficiently. That’s why we’ll explain how you should create your client intake forms template that is important to your company.

A free client intake form template

Using integrations for a better workflow

Often the best thing you can do is find a solid platform that integrates natively with some other tools while also making it easy to integrate with others. will also provide you with all these tools and a clean interface for your integrations. For example, you can easily integrate WhatsApp and Messenger with so that those who take your form can contact you.

Using’s powerful automation integrations give you easier access to forms and incoming responses. For example, on Slack, you can receive customized notifications every time a new response arrives on your form, or you can have your responses in a specific channel. Another integration’s Discord integration. Here you can likewise direct your form responses to a Discord channel or create a channel where responses can be posted. Find out many more integrations by visiting’s integration page today!

Free inquiry form templates to get started

Inquiry forms for businesses, law firms, educational institutions, medical intakes, and so on, they are all forms to ask customers questions and get answers automatically. Inquiry forms offer a simple method for visitors to communicate their issues, worries, or inquiries. You can learn the subjects of the queries once users complete the forms and get in touch with the requesters using their contact details. Also, you can obtain more organized data by building inquiry forms and putting them on your website. As a result, you won’t have to worry about data extraction.

Now it’s time to create extremely useful online forms with free inquiry form templates at Get started with the templates below!