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Customer satisfaction plays an essential part in running a successful eCommerce business. The better you can make your customers feel, the more likely they will repeat their purchases. That being said, there are many ways to satisfy your customers in eCommerce. For example, one way to improve customer satisfaction is by offering a wide variety of products and services. You can also improve customer satisfaction by providing fast shipping and various payment options.

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy.

In running an online store, however, there is one more aspect as crucial as these; making the most processes autonomous and ensuring customer satisfaction. By using online forms and surveys, you can create useful forms for your eCommerce website and save huge time and effort at the same time. Improving or starting an eCommerce business with will be the best choice for your online store.

Happy customers

What does offer for eCommerce businesses?

When selling products online, you enter a whole new customer dimension. Since most of the processes are online, you have to find efficient ways to ensure the customers are happy with your products or services. That’s precisely where and its great features come in handy for online stores. With’s powerful touch, you can show your visitors online forms, ask about their opinions, or simply present them an easy way to purchase.

Customer satisfaction surveys

No matter which type of business you run, the answer to most questions is the same one; customers. If you are pondering how to grow your business online, reach more and more people, or increase your profit, your customers are usually holding the key. By selecting the customer satisfaction survey template on, you can start creating your own surveys and get closer to your customers.

Awesome order forms

To not much of a surprise, is a sophisticated and all-around application. Thanks to its product basket and payment fields, it acts as a perfect store builder and allows you to use online order forms to start selling online and collecting payments smoothly.

You can add up to 200 products to your order form and upload images for them. The customers may use debit or credit cards for payments or simply pay with their balances on Stipe or PayPal. Online order forms offer a faster selling process both inside and outside of a website. In fact, you do not even need a website for selling online with

Feedback forms

In addition to surveys and order forms, you can also use to collect direct feedback from your buyers. All you have to do is select one of the free feedback form templates and create your custom customer feedback form in a couple of minutes. Using a feedback form will allow you to see what your customers really want and what you can do to increase your sales.

Customer feedback

Benefits of using online forms in eCommerce

From easy-to-use order forms to on-point satisfaction surveys, online forms are a great way to make a business more efficient. They are easy to create and implement for any business strategy or type. At the same time, online forms can be customized for specific purposes. They are especially a useful tool for eCommerce, as they require less human contact and are able to process data much faster.

By using online forms, a business can reduce labor costs, increase customer satisfaction, and promote a higher level of service by allowing customers to purchase directly from an order form or the company website. They can be used by both small and large businesses. This is the case as provides awesome features for reasonable prices. So it is possible to use online forms for marketing, customer service, or customer satisfaction. You can simply follow the tips below to increase customer satisfaction and retention in eCommerce.

Best practices in customer satisfaction surveys

One of the best ways of improving customer satisfaction is by asking them directly. Simply offering them a quick survey about your products, their experiences, and expectations will provide you with valuable data. This will enable you to see the weak and strong points of your business and fix them in a really short time.

According to your survey goals, you should choose a suitable survey type and add custom questions about your online business. These survey types can be customer satisfaction score (CSAT) surveys, customer effort score (CES) surveys, or net promoter score (NPS) surveys, each of which serves to collect a different kind of information. 

Excellent form examples for customer satisfaction in eCommerce

To give you a hand for starting quickly and effortlessly, offers a series of great form and survey samples. By simply selecting one of the templates, you can create a custom survey faster and easier. Afterward, all you have to do is add them to your page through your website builder. Let us see some of these templates and learn how to gain loyal customers.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Customer satisfaction surveys provide a way to ask your customers what you can do better directly. Therefore, using a direct satisfaction survey can get you the desired results in the shortest amount of time. On, it is even possible to add open-ended questions to measure customer satisfaction levels in a detailed fashion. Make sure your customer satisfaction survey questions are clear and you are good to go.

Customer Service Satisfaction Survey Template

A customer service satisfaction survey helps you measure if your customers are happy with your customer service. While it is one of the most common ways for improving customer satisfaction in an eCommerce business, it is also one of the effective ones. After selecting the customer service satisfaction survey template, you can add your own questions, change the design according to your business area and get your survey ready in minutes. 

Client Feedback Form Template

Having customer feedback regularly has many benefits, such as learning what the customers need, where they face troubles, and what you can do to improve. By showing a client feedback form after their, for example, you can ask them if they have found product variety sufficient or what they have experienced during the payment process. The client feedback form template on comes with general questions, and you can add custom questions after choosing it.

Churn Survey Template

Just as you can learn many things from happy customers, you can also have a lot to learn from unsatisfied customers. For customers who want to cancel an order or return the product, you can create a special churn survey. After the returning and refund process is completed, you can show this type of survey to learn what went wrong with the sale. To create professional-looking cancelation surveys, open the churn survey template on now.

Customer Needs Survey Template

Customer needs are ultimately your goals. While you can stop beating around the bush, searching for clues, and learning what your customers really want, why not ask them directly. Moreover, you can get more out of your customer needs survey by utilizing some customer metrics. For example, you can ask how likely they are to tell about your products to their friends or colleagues to calculate the Net Promoter Score. Simply open the customer needs survey template and start creating now!