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Funny is specified as a form of home entertainment that utilizes jokes or pratfalls to make an audience laugh [fart sound]

You know it’s funny when a minimum of three guys are chuckling and one guy is nodding and offering a thumbs-up.

Any number of females laughing does not necessarily represent funny. For all we understand, chuckling females might just be a getting-ready-for-a-date montage or a stock photo for salad.You can inform that it’s funny if the individual onstage keeps moving the microphone cord around in big swinging motions. It’s music if the entertainer rips out his/her earpiece. And it’s slam poetry if the performer stands quietly by the microphone for emphasis. If the person onstage does all 3, it’s a school assembly.One timeless hint that it’s comedy is if there

‘s a generally appealing woman who’s using phase makeup to look awful. It can likewise be comedy if the beautiful lady has a ponytail that makes her only average-looking. If she takes out the ponytail, it’s a rom-com. For funny to happen, the rule of threes

must be invoked [even louder fart sound]. You can tell funny is taking place since the studio audience is going”haha “and not “oooOOOOoooh.”Are there props included? Then it’s absolutely comedy

. Exist no props involved? Then it still might be funny, but it’s most likely a more subversive sort of comedy that makes parents go, “This is what individuals are calling funny now?”You understand it’s funny because it’s Steve Urkel and not Stefan Urquelle.Comedy is when you desire to

laugh however it’s church so you need to be quiet otherwise your father will make you go

to bed without supper.Not sure if it’s comedy? Check it out by putting it on Twitter. When it gets reaction from people across the Web, you can state,

“I was being sarcastic.” Now it is comedy.Comedy is the character in the movie you understand people are definitely going to dress up when it comes to Halloween.Comedy is that time when my sis was consuming ice cream and– oh, wait, never mind, maybe

you had to be there.For it to be funny, a catchphrase should be often deployed. Something like”Hey! I’m jokin’here!”or

“Oh my god, I was kidding. Can’t you take a joke? It’s like no one can speak about anything anymore.”You understand it’s comedy because the

hashtag is #LOL and your auntie shared it on Facebook.You know the funny exists, and it’s good when someone returns the crying-laughing emoji. If the person returns praise hands, that is a sign it is empowerment, and you ought to put your phone down and clap.In comedy, relief eventually is available in the form of an unanticipated punch line [

squeaky fart noise that reveals it’s been the ghost of F.D.R. farting this whole time]