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How do you help kids learn social abilities, gain persistence and wow their friends at the school lunch tables? Magic. Particularly, teach them some magic tricks. You can’t just hand them a Magic 101 manual and anticipate them to end up being young Houdinis– how you present the art makes a difference. Here are some excellent ways to do it, according to magicians.Start With the French Drop The French Drop is a traditional coin technique that offers kids a fundamental structure in misdirection and sleight of hand. Magicians suggest presenting it early on, as it needs no special props(you can use any little object) and it enforces the value of practice. The technique is easy to find out, but requires time to master.Learn Cups and Balls Cups and balls routines integrate the principles of magic: balls disappear, come back and leap from one location to another. You can begin kids off with a homemade set (plastic cups and three balls)and have them practice simple regimens (there are a lots of examples on YouTube ). After mastering the basics, they can discover to improvise for various audiences, which is where magicians truly have fun. Move Onto Easy Card Tricks At around age 9, kids can enter into simple mathematical card techniques, states Anthony Orciuoli, a magician in Santa Clara

, California. He tells me a good jumping

off point is the 21 Card trick.” Many experienced magicians hate it due to the fact that it’s overused, but it’s fairly simple to do and needs no deception,” he describes. The Chicago Opener is another simple one that constantly gets excellent reactions from the audience, Orciuoli says.Other suggestions for supporting your kid’s thinking about magic: Take your kid to see regional magic shows. Speak with them about what they

liked and didn’t like about the tricks and efficiency. How to Introduce Your Kid to Horror Movies

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