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No matter how you treat your indoor cat – like your kid, best friend, or His Majesty – it’s obvious that he needs a lo-o-ot of your attention. Because, like every living being, the cat is a social creature. Even though he looks exceptionally self-sufficient, sometimes it may seem he doesn’t need your love. 

So don’t believe this high-minded muzzle! We can assure you that your cat desires to be around you. Perhaps, it makes sense for you to spend as much time with your lovely cat friend as possible. Consequently, in this article, we’d like to share some tips on entertaining your cute feline indoors, making him (and you) the happiest kitty on Earth.

Please, don’t be shy to join us in eating warm choco pies with a bittersweet coffee. And if you’ve already made yourself comfy, our best cat buddies, let’s get started!

Strict Regime and Proper Day-to-Day Routine

Remember when we were all quarantined and never left the house at all? How many of us have put on a few (or even more) extra pounds of founding solace in M&M’s and KFC fried potatoes at that time? 

And imagine what it’s like to always live like this. Well, you can ask your indoor cat, mate, because he knows all the (dis)advantages of this life firsthand! Therefore, no matter how much you dislike switching from a good cop to a bad one, your indoor feline’s health calls for discipline and a strict daily routine. 

Please don’t be scared; it’s not as challenging & terrifying as it may sound. You have to remember to do it regularly to get results. The best option is to visit your vet to devise the perfect daily routine for your cat brother.

But there are some things you can start doing right now. For example, you can give your cat food at the same time and in the same amount. It will also be beneficial to take your cat for a walk constantly. And remember to make sure he used his litter box before taking his decade-long nap!

Enough Activity is a Guarantee of the Cat’s Wellness

Thank God you can make any strict and dull routine valuable and fun. Here is the thing – enough activity is the key to your cat’s physical and mental health.

If your fur kid has enough activity, he can function normally. That means he will have a healthy weight, a beautiful appearance, and a “proper” tiredness, after which this tiny tiger will sleep like a baby. 

Such daily activity can be of any kind; the main thing is that you and your cat like it. Play catch-up with him, buy cat toys like mice or fish, try playing with him with a laser, or invite him to run in a special tunnel.

Never fear to search for something new! It’s the only way to find YOUR thing.

Get One More Cat (That’s Never Too Much!)

It’s much easier for us and our cats to endure life’s difficulties together with someone. 

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you have animals in pairs. Of course, in the beginning, they can get used to each other for a long time, but when they become friends, they will be thick as thieves

And finally, your cat will have someone to gossip with about that strange creature that lives in his house. Who is he? Is he an alien? Where is his fur? Why doesn’t he purr and meow? So many questions and so few answers.

Birds Flying High, You Know How I Feel

Whether you live in a private house or a high-rise apartment, your indoor cat needs his own “observation wheel.” Your purr friend will be able to observe the birds, his potential prey. For your cat, this will be like TV for your parents or Instagram and TikTok for you. (But without eye strain and annoying ads – how lucky your meow one is!)

Therefore, the massive world of Pinterest is waiting for you when you finish reading the article and eating your choco pie with a cup of bittersweet coffee. After that, feel free to be inspired by beautiful pictures with perfectly arranged window sills. Then run to Ikea for warm blankets, tiny pillows, aesthetic lamps, bright candles, and green plants.

The life of a dog with two tails consists of those little things.

And tell us, who doesn’t want to be that dog?

Make for Your Fur Ball Some Climbing Places

If you read our little cozy blog, you know that even the cutest cats are still hunters. And to see his prey (even if it’s just a fringe on your jacket), your cat ought to see it from a bird’s eye view. 

To create a pleasant atmosphere for your cat, which would remind him of his native Savannah at the genetic level, you need to pay attention to his climbing spots.

It will be very cool if you can arrange various structures for him to climb on. For example, you can buy special cat climbing tunnels and place them at different heights. 

Then your cat will have enough climbing activity and can calmly track down and hunt sunbeams and flies. And your flower vase, MacBook, and favorite cup will be safe from his rebellious paws.

Dear friends! Thank you so much for reading our cat blog!

We do our best to provide helpful information about your cat in a friendly and warm atmosphere. If you like our articles, we’ll be grateful for your shares!

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe. (And remember to arrange those window sills!)

Love 🙂