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Many business owners fear the learning curve for employing more up-to-date technology. These can be serious issues that might hamper the efforts of your SEO firm.

Here’s how to make your partnership with your SEO firm a happier and more productive one.

Don’t live in fear. First off, there’s something about new technology that often fogs the brain: Fear. The pressure to adapt to rapid-fire changes often creates a sense of panic among website owners. So the most important piece of advice is to stay calm and remember that basic marketing principles have not changed. It’s only the communication portal that has changed.

Refresh your content. Here’s the one you need to repeat in a mantra-like fashion: Refresh your content at least once a month and preferably more often. Companies need to continuously market their products and continue to innovate. A static website is a sure-fire way to leave all three of those essential marketing steps unchecked.

Revisit the fundamentals of marketing. Invest a few hours a week researching and learning new marketing trends. Look at what drives your business. Is it referrals, sales calls or industry connections? What is your call to action? When do your new product lines or innovations roll out?

For example, if your firm often gains new clients through trade shows, your SEO strategist may recommend you reference those trade show events on your website. If you sell ladders, there’s undoubtedly a trade organization out there you should engage in a conversation. Mention upcoming trade shows pertinent to your industry niche, but not in a spammy way. Also, consider putting a teaser on the front page of your website that mentions upcoming events, and add a line expressing appreciation for those who worked hard to put it together. Upload new product photos or pictures of your staff (with their permission) to your website. Most importantly, stay engaged with the community.

The mythology and techno-babble that surround SEO techniques have led some website owners to expect miracles, but raising your web profile is no different than networking in a non-virtual environment. Friendliness pays off, honesty is rewarded, and patience is a virtue worth cultivating.

Don’t expect miracles when the company’s product line may not be in demand or has been poorly conceived. And make sure all your links function properly. There are countless instances where a URL error went undetected for months or even years. Proof it before you upload it!

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