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A recent edition of The Wall Street Journal included an article that I found fascinating. The title of the short article was the exact same as the title of this post: “How to Lead like George Washington.”

The short article included a great quantity of information about leadership.The focus seemed to be on how contemporary leaders in various fields could learn some lessons from “the dad of our nation.”The author, Sam Walker, discussed some leadership models and approaches advocated by some and apparently practiced by many today that are not working.After discussing a few of these designs, the author turned his attention to the leadership qualities possessed and showed by Mr. Washington as he led the Continental Army versus the forces of England which were far better prepared in every way to participate in battle.Mr. Walker’s evaluation of Washington’s leadership style is plainly stated in the subtitle of his short article: There are only 2 vital qualities for leading by example; the founding daddy mastered them both.So– what are they?What are the

2 qualities recommended as being advantageous to a

leader?I will mention those 2 qualities in reverse order.According to

the author, Washington’s second management posture was ironclad emotional control … In victory and defeat, Washington kept his stoical composure.I’m sure we would all concur that this quality is important.There are not too many people who would value a leader who is unpredictable and/or unpredictable.Surely, all of us value a leader who displays a sort of quiet confidence no matter whatever present circumstances happen to be.Personally, I was most amazed by whatMr. Walker identified as the very first quality showed by Washington.It seems to me that this quality is much better comprehended by an example he provides than by some”label”he may offer it. Here is what he provides as an example of what he views as the main quality of leadership as exhibited by George Washington: The

best example may be Washington’s actions at Princeton.After wheeling around to face his fearful troupes, he beseeched them to keep fighting.Then, according to one account, he controlled his horse and faced the enemy directly.

If General Washington”(wheeled )around to face his performers,” where was he?Obviously, he was in front of them.If, after”he beseeched them to keep fighting,

“where was he?He was still in front of his troupes!He did not give them a pep talk and gradually work his way to the rear or to any other location of safety.What did he do after talking to them?He turned his horse around and faced the enemy with them

!.?.!! Given that I am composing this throughout football season, I would like for you to think of the last college football video game you saw– either face to face or on television.When the groups came out of the tunnel and onto the playing field, where was the head coach?Was he up in the comfort of the press box?Was he someplace in the middle of all of those players and coaches where just a very experienced eye could pick him out of the crowd?Was he still in the tunnel

and shouting support as his team operated on ahead to deal with the opponent?Or– was he blazing a trail out of the tunnel and, by doing so, sending out the signal that–” I am not sending you on a mission.I am leading you into an objective.”Isn’t that what, by definition, leaders do?

Do not they lead!.?.!? Did you notice 2 keywords in the subtitle to the short article under consideration?Mr. Walker was going over “… vital qualities for leading by example …”< a href =""target=_ blank rel=noopener> To Recieve Every Article from A Tradition of Faith through Email for Free, Click on this link AUTHOR: Jim Faughn