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Hey guys, welcome back to Explore Lucid Dreaming. This video is a complete step-by-step guide on how to lucid dream for beginners, and requires no prior knowledge of lucid dreaming. You can watch this as a beginner and experience a vivid lucid dream tonight!



If you want to lucid dream tonight, simply expose yourself to as much lucid dreaming material as possible before you fall asleep. Watch videos, read articles, and have it drilled in your mind that you will lucid dream tonight no matter what. If this is your first time hearing about lucid dreaming, the chances of you succeeding are very high because your brain is now interested in this new concept and it’ll likely stick in your subconscious mind.

In general, I find that the more I think about lucid dreaming throughout the day, the more likely I am to experience a lucid dream by accident, without even using techniques. But thinking about lucid dreaming can only go so far, and eventually you need to take some sort of action if you want to experience multiple lucid dreams every week.

Here’s some topics I cover in the video…

• Setting up a dream journal.
• Reality checks.
• Meditation
• How to use the MILD + FILD method

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