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Personality is one of the most important elements that represent you outside of your body. Personality has a crucial place in many matters, from your dressing to your choice of friends. Moreover, these decisions may change your life on a large scale. While people receive some of their personality traits from birth, they acquire other characteristics through the environment and family factors.

There are different personality types depending on these personality traits. In these personality types, you can understand whether you have a shy, leader-spirited, or dominant character. With personality tests, you can easily learn which personality type you tend to have. In this article, you will learn how to create a personality test step by step. In addition, you will learn how to create your own forms based on the sample personality test.

What is a personality test?

All people have their own different characteristics, and this is called personality. A personality test is a tool to understand which type of personality you or your audience have. Once people understand their personality type, they will fully see the purpose of the decisions they make. Also, people will see the root cause of their habits. Thus, it is in their hands to change, prevent or correct these behaviors.

What is a personality test

In our previous article, we gave information about what the most known personality test models are and how these personality types are classified. In addition, we have included 15 useful questions that you can use in your personality tests. To learn more about what a personality test is and see example questions, please visit the related article.

How do I create my own personality test?

There are some steps to consider when creating interactive personality quizzes. Firstly, you shouldn’t keep people in between with the questions. It gets harder and harder to test their personality with every question they answer indecisively. Secondly, it is important not to prepare long questions in order not to be distracted. If you want to make a personality quiz, you should follow the instructions below. Let’s go step by step on how you can create your personality test with an online personality test maker!

1  – Firstly, open, one of the important interactive quizzes makers, and from my forms section, click the create forms field.

2  – After choosing blank templates, from the fields on the right, choose things to fill out your personality test one by one.

3  – Choose and apply different question types and answer from the field on the side. For example, add a single selection where people have to choose one answer from several options.

4  – Use yes/no questions for more obvious questions. As a result, you can make more precise inferences about the characteristics of people.

5  – Prepare interactive quiz questions where people can choose more than one answer by selecting the multiple selection field. In addition, you can decide a number of minimum selections and maximum selections so you can better understand people’s orientations.

6  – After finishing the questions, make changes to the appearance of your personality test in the design section.

7  – In the themes section, decide whether the questions will appear step-by-step or as a list.

8  – Choose the theme that suits your personality test. Here you can find different patterns or uniform colors that will provide a plain appearance.

9  – Then customize the theme you choose from the “customize” field. For example, you can adjust features such as the font of the text and the color of the question and answer. Also, you can change the brightness of the theme according to your taste.

10  – Turn on notifications from the setting. Thanks to notifications, you can receive notifications via e-mail every time personality tests are answered. In addition, quiz takers can receive notifications to their email addresses.

11  – Connect your test with the apps in the integrations section. By connecting different applications, you can more easily forward the test results to them.

12  – Add the Welcome page to your personality test. You can put a warning so that they answer the questions in the test correctly.

13  – Add a Thank you page to your personality test. You can add captions such as “Your answers have been saved” and “Thank you for your participation.”

14  – Add a calculator to your personality test. You should assign a different value to each question. You should categorize it according to the points the quiz takers have collected at the end of the test.

15  Customize thank you page from the calculator settings. You could share the personality types analyses belonging to different scores with the quiz takers on the thank you page.

16  – Finally, share your form. In the share section, you can share your personality test for more people to see. You can share it on various social media platforms. Additionally, you can embed it on your website with Iframe. You can read everything about how to embed quizzes on a website in our previous article.

Here is the end result:

If you like this personality test and you want to adapt it to yourself, you can import it to your own account. You should click on the personality test link, and you will see there 3 dots next to the title. You can quickly import this test to your own personality quiz maker account like by clicking on the dots. Moreover, has both free plans and paid plans. That’s why you can use this free version to create a quiz as well and try it out.

Importing a form on

Free quiz templates for a quick start

In summary, personality tests are an important tool to learn what we like and the reasons for our general behavior. There are various personality types, and analyzes are made in accordance with these types in personality tests. In light of these analyzes, you will have information about your personality.

If you worry about how to make a personality quiz for free, there is no need to think much. With, you can create beautifully designed, successful personality tests in a minute. Furthermore, is a free quiz maker, so you can try it without paying anything. Therefore, if you want to create personality tests without wasting your time, you can use the free ready-made templates of below!