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In 2021, ANYONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO MAKE A GUITAR ! So here’s a comprehensive guide to guitar making for anyone who’s always dreamed of building a guitar from scratch, no matter if you already know your way around woodworking or not.

This is the first part of a two-part tutorial and it covers everything you should know before you actually start cutting the wood. The tutorial is a summary of every piece of information I could gather during my rather short guitar making journey. In any case, I hope it will help you!

I don’t know when the second part will be released but it shouldn’t take too long.
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In the meantime, here is the list of everything mentioned in the video, with links whenever I could find them:


* Japanese pull saw: Gyokucho Ryoba 9½
* Fretsaws: Knew Concept Fret Saw
I also use a Bahco Fret Saw 302
* Rasp: Shinto Rasp
* Clamps:
** Bessey Kliklamp
** Juuma Body Clamps
** Silverline Bar Clamps
* Chisels: Stanley Bailey Chisels
* Hand drill: Milwaukee M12
* Bits: Stanley wood drill bits, Irwin spade bits, Leman Forstner bits
* Spokeshave: can’t remember where I bought it, either Dieter Schmid Fine Tools or Dictum
* Handplanes:
** Stanley n°62 :
** Juuma Rabbet/Block Plane:
* Metal file: Sandvik metal files (the one in the video is the straight one, cut n°3, with a safe edge
Marking knife:
* Veritas marking knife:
* Marking gauge:
* Digital caliper: any cheap digital caliper will work
* Soldering station:
* Glues: PVA et CA glues are Soudal (Belgian brand); CA glue accelerator from Chestnut
* Fretcutter: mine is a DIY made from a Knipex cable cutter
* Radius Sanding Block: mine is a DIY but you could try or
* Fret slot cutting saw:
* Fret crowning file:
* Radius gauge:
* Fretboard guard:
* Fret rocker:


* Bandsaw: Makita LB1200F
* Router: Dewalt D26204
* Oscillating Spindle Sander: Triton TSPS450
Router bits:
* CMT Orange tools template bit (911.160.11)
* CMT Orange tools flush trim bit (906.095.11)
* Stanley 6.35 mm straight bit

For those of you who don’t have the milling machines (table saw, planer, jointer), I highly recommend this web store for anything guitar-making-related!


Guitar Templates Archive


* Knobs:
* Pickguard:
* Jack plate:
* Switch tip:
* String Ferrules:
* Neck plate:
* Tuners:
* Strap buttons:
* Wiring parts:
* Capacitor:
* Control Plate:
* Pickups:
* Trussrod:
* Frets:
* Nut:
* Bridge:


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0:00 Intro
2:02 Guitar choice
2:23 Tools
11:23 Hardware & Electronics
12:26 Wood selection
15:08 Plan
17:54 Cut list
20:57 Workspace, time, budget, experience

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