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Bell peppers also make great pipes because they’re usually hollow. Just cut a small hole on the pepper’s side and place the tube in. Cut an opening on the top of the pepper and remove whatever core still remaining. Use some foil to cover the top portion, and poke some holes into it. Your pepper pipe is now ready to go!

The Apple Pipe

Apples make great DIY pipes because they don’t require a lot of work. You do need something to cut holes in it. Besides that, it’s easy to make because there’s no plastic or toxic components to burn.

Use a knife or sharp tube to cut out the core of the apple. Also, make a hole on the sides to smoke out of. Keep the top hole of the apple small and narrow. This way, you can just pack in your marijuana and start burning. As you light up the weed, take a hit from the side hole. It should add a fruity flavor to the smoke.

The Pen Pipe

The Pen pipe is the ultimate homemade pipe because of its ease-of-use and versatility. Remove all the components of the pen so that you’re left with only the hollow plastic bit. Take the metal cap which you removed and insert it backwards in one end. Seal the lid with some tape, and your pipe is ready.

You can also cut a hole on the side of the pen. Then, use the cap or some foil to create a bowl. Seal the hole with some tape, and you have a functional and portable DIY pipe.

The Ice Block Pipe

For this type of DIY pipe, start by freezing a sizeable block of ice in your freezer. Once the block is ready, use a cutting tool to carve out a tubular hole from one side. Then, cut a hole from one of the sides to use as a bowl. Once the carving is done, simply place the weed into the bowl, and your pipe is ready to smoke. The hits should come with an icy and cool flavor every time.

If you’re having trouble carving out the stem and bowls, you can get molds to freeze it in shape.

The Steamroller (Cardboard roll)

Steamrollers are actually bongs that are made of glass-pipes. But you can make a homemade steamroller from paper towel rolls.

Make a hole about 1/4th of the section from one end. Use a foil to make a cone and insert it here. As usual, seal the cone hole with some tape. To use it, cover one side of the roll while lighting up the bowl. Inhale from the other end, and you’ll get a strong hit because of the wider air-flow.

The Tic-Tac bong

Get an empty tic-tac box and make a hole on the side for the tube. On the other end, place a cone made of aluminum and seal the sides. You can use a pen or a plastic straw for the tube. Placeweed inside the bowl, light it up, and inhale the smoke through the top opening.

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