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Premeditated Leftovers ™ This easy tutorial on how to make a maple tree leaf world is a great fall craft for kids.Snow worlds aren’t simply for winter season! This fall, make your own maple tree leaf globe just like the one you see here. Kids will like enjoying the leaves spin and swirl within, and you will like that this is an economical craft that you can whip up in minutes. Have a look at how you can get busy making your own maple tree leaf globe. It is the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of the fall season.How to Make a

Maple Tree Leaf World

Items Required:
Canning jar with cover
Hot glue, glue gun
Branches or sticks
Silk leaves
Red, yellow, and orange metal confetti (we used a chili pepper garland from our local craft store, and simply cut the peppers into little bits to appear like leaves)

1. Begin by filling the container with water. Standard tap water works fine. Since the confetti will be weighted, there is no requirement to include any oils of any kind. The water suffices.2.

Flip the cover over and add a generous dab of glue to the center of it. Hot glue is best for this. Press a branch or adhere to the glue, enabling the little branches to branch off and up. It ought to look like a little tree.Your little tree must be provided time to dry in location. Something such as the branch you see here is perfect.3. Line the rim of the jar with glue.

Rapidly turn the lid over and place the branch into the jar. Work slowly so you don’t flex and snap it. Screw the lid in location. Enable several minutes to let the glue dry.4. While the glue dries, you can embellish the lid with a little twine and silk leaves. Simply snip, tie, and glue them in location to your taste.5. Now, simply turn the container over and offer it a great

shake. The red, yellow, and orange metal confetti will twirl around the jar like a blustery fall day. Gorgeous, isn’t it? Give this simple to make

maple tree leaf globe a try, and see how easy it can be to get in the spirit of all things fall.Happy fall, y’ all!The post How to Make a Maple Tree Leaf Globe appeared initially on Premeditated Leftovers ™.