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How to Make a Santa Wreath

from a Halloween Decoration for$5 I disrupt today’s arranged Halloween Do It Yourself with a Christmas Do It Yourself! I know what you’re believing, TOO SOON. However for you to develop this simple Santa Wreath you will require to hit Dollar Tree prior to Halloween, so this still kinda counts as a Halloween post. I’m extremely excited to share today’s project with you, primarily since this idea came to me while browsing Dollar Tree yesterday early morning and it really ended up as I imagined it, YAY! So let’s get started!Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which implies I get a small commission from your purchases from my links, with definitely no additional charge to you. How to Make a Santa Wreath from a Halloween Decor for$5

As I was stating, this concept popped in my head when I saw this charming Witchy

Jack-O-Lantern at Dollar Tree. So I grabbed all the supplies I needed and started crafting as quickly as I got home from work. I had no concept how this was going to turn out but I did know I wished to share the process with you prior to the Halloween design was sold out! I turned on the electronic camera and simply began crafting. I rapidly edited my video and posted it up on Facebook and YouTube which you can see below!( This project might cost you a little bit more than $5 if you don’t have pom poms, chenille stems, hot glue or felt in your craft supply

stash )What you will require (most items discovered at Dollar Tree): Witchy Jack-o-Lantern Tinsel Decoration 1 Mini Ornament (you kind get the entire tube at Dollar Tree for $1!)Scissors Pink Felt On Facebook( Follow Me! )– I hope you enjoy this enjoyable craft concept

  • and try it
  • yourself this holiday

    season! Make certain to have a look at my Do It Yourself Mummy Wreath too!Copyright Info © 2011– 2018 Michelle Stewart. Do not hesitate to connect to this website or utilize an image with a quick description to connect back to any post. Republishing posts in their totality is strictly prohibited without permission. Do NOT link straight to downloadable files. Thank you!Reader Interactions Main Sidebar Invite to the Party!I’m Michelle! I’ll be your hostess as we Commemorate, Develop, Cook

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