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CBD Butter Cannabutter Recipe

If you’re like us, then you’ve probably found yourself with a little extra time on your hands. Whether you’re bored at home or just want to make a sweet treat to lift your spirits, we’ve got the perfect CBD Oil recipe for you. While some states have pulled CBD-infused foods off the shelves, CBD Butter gives you the freedom to create your own CBD Edibles from the comfort of your home. Cannabutter can be made with as few as three ingredients and used in hundreds of baked goods. We’re sharing our simple CBD Butter recipe, featuring our 2000mg Unflavored CBD Oil to help you get busy baking.

• 2 cups unsalted butter
• 15 grams CBD Oil
• 4 cups filtered water

About the Ingredients

While this recipe features our 2000 milligram oil, you can adjust your method based on the product you have at home. For the best-tasting results, we recommend using unflavored options, which will fit seamlessly with whatever recipe you choose to make.

Fifteen grams of oil translates to 15ml, one tablespoon or half a Hemp Bombs bottle, meaning our butter will contain roughly 1000mg of CBD. Because 2 cups of butter contain 32 tablespoons, each tablespoon will contain 31mg of CBD. Knowing this, feel free to adjust your CBD concentration based on your desired serving size, uses and more.

A Guide to Cooking with CBD Oil

You Can Use CBD in Recipes without Making Cannabutter

While CBD butter may make baking easier, it is still possible to add CBD Oil directly to your recipes – whether it’s cookies, bread, sauces, etc. In fact, certain recipes don’t even call for butter, especially drink recipes. So adding CBD Oil directly to your smoothie or cocktail may work best in these instances.

How Hot is Too Hot When Making CBD Oil Butter?

Generally, CBD begins to evaporate between 320 and 356 degrees Fahrenheit. So, cooking with CBD Oil can be a tightrope walk, since the compound and its components start to break down and evaporate at these average temperatures.

You might want to turn up the heat to rush your cannabutter, but practice caution, or you could be wasting your own time. As the CBD Oil breaks down, you lose its valuable properties and amplify its bitter taste. But with careful attention, it can still be baked and cooked while retaining its nutritional benefits.

When baking with CBD Oil, be sure to keep the oven below 340 degrees. While you’ll notice that many recipes on the internet advise you to set the oven to 350 degrees, you may want to bake the recipe at a low temperature for a longer cooking time. Avoid exposing CBD Oil to direct heat, as is the case with sautéing and frying foods. In cases like these, your CBD Oil may work better drizzled on top or in a separate element, like a sauce or side dish.

Can I Use Raw Hemp to Make CBD Butter?

Some people use herb or flower to make CBD Butter. This method works well but can require a few more time-consuming steps and tools like decarboxylation and extensive straining with cheesecloth. Additionally, there’s more uncertainty around potency and ensuring your CBD has been “activated.” Using CBD Oil makes it easier to create cannabutter than using raw herb or flower but to the same effect. Where you would have to decarb, strain and then begin – you can just melt the ingredients together with CBD Oil to create your cannabutter.

Why Should I Use CBD Butter in Recipes?

As mentioned earlier, you certainly don’t have to make CBD Butter to incorporate CBD in your recipes. However, you will find that the flavors blend better and provide a more enjoyable experience. Cooking with CBD also works best in recipes with fat in them, like oil or butter. In general, unflavored CBD Oils may have a bitter or Earthy flavor, which is masked by the butter in sweet and savory recipes. Other benefits of CBD butter include:

Start Creating with CBD

Learning to make CBD Butter expands your potential for CBD Edibles. Essentially, any recipe that incorporates butter can now be made into a relaxing snack. At Hemp Bombs, we offer six different concentrations to meet your baking needs.

Shop our selection of Unflavored CBD Oils and begin creating your favorite CBD Butter recipes!

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