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We enjoy cinnamon rolls in my home. I confess I don’t make them from scratch frequently and my household takes pleasure in using the cooled dough. I have actually often questioned how I might change things up when I serve our preferred breakfast treat.

Pillsbury has a dish online that transforms the ordinary rolls into “fried dough” bites that pack a lot more cinnamon and sugar flavor into every bite. You do not even need to turn the oven on since these Air Fryer Cinnamon Roll Bites put the stylish cooking area device to excellent usage.

We routinely keep a tube of the Pillsbury refrigerated cinnamon rolls in the refrigerator, so that’s the majority of the work already done! The remainder of the ingredients are pantry staples and include granulated sugar, ground cinnamon, cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar and milk. You can find the amounts needed for each active ingredient on Pillsbury’s recipe website.

Once you get out your air fryer, you require to put in the basket and put some parchment paper on the bottom of it to make sure these sweet bites do not stick. The sugar will melt some and they can get a little sticky if you’re not mindful. Then, just cut each cinnamon roll into quarters, which means you’ll have 32 bites per tube. There’s something fantastic about getting “more” out of this recipe that I love!

You will require to cook these cinnamon roll bites in two batches to make sure they get to be that wonderful golden brown we all love. Each batch only requires an overall of 5 minutes of air frying time, with a fast flip about halfway through with a set of tongs.

When the batch comes out of the fryer, that’s when the magic happens. The warm bites get positioned into a plastic bag filled with the cinnamon sugar. Yes, the rolls currently have cinnamon in them, however this additional finish takes the over the leading!

You won’t use the packaged icing. I enjoy it, this dish’s cream cheese-based frosting is more decadent and is the perfect dipping side to these air-fried cinnamon roll bites!

I’m guessing I’ll need to make a minimum of 2 batches of these for my family when I attempt it, due to the fact that as soon as we start popping them into our mouths, we won’t wish to stop!

Or, attempt these other methods to utilize refrigerated cinnamon roll dough. And delight in!