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If you’ve read this blog site for any length of time, you know just how much I like to make abilities genuinely functional. When I set about to make independent work tasks for older students, it got me believing about ways our trainees can work on fundamental abilities in independent work but still have them relate to genuine life. The key

to age-appropriate tasks, even when we are teaching standard skills like color matching, is to think of how they are used in the real world. #functionalskills #lifeskills

Many of these ideas are tasks you can make with real products along with the jobs pictured.Students working on

employment abilities are going to need to sort or match products to racks, tables, etc. Something they require to match to restock is clothes. For example, they need to fold clothes and put them back on the tables, much like the trousers in this task.They also need to match clothing to return on racks after individuals attempt them on. In a classroom, you might have them hang clothing that match on the exact same rod similar to this set.And they might likewise stock racks with matching soda cans. Frequently soda cans can be distinguished by color as much as the words on the labels. In this file folder, trainees match the sodas.Students have to match clothing to use too.

One instance would be for sports uniforms where the shirts have to match the hats, like in the task below.They also have to match their shoes when they put them on … and typically when they put them away. Utilize a shoe cubby with shoes

to have them practice and they can experiment this set of tasks also.< a href=" "target=_ blank > You can grab this file complimentary in my store.Whether they are hanging on a line, like in the file folder, or simply matching socks to put them on, everyone needs to match their socks.Typically you would match the pattern of the secret to the lock, but typically we color code the keys with sticker labels to make it simple to bear in mind what they fit.