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Quizzes are a great way to have fun with friends and family. They are also a great means to create fun and educative quizzes to reinforce the knowledge. Using a trivia quiz template is a great source of fun. Creating a quiz about fun subjects would bring joy to your friend group, and making an informative one can truly teach a target audience, such as students. 

Making an online quiz from scratch is quite effortless with an online quiz creator/trivia maker like If you wish to save time, you can use one of the easy-to-create and helpful templates of to create your own trivia game for free! If you wish to know more about customizing your template, you can check out the blog of

Online quiz maker of helps bring joy to your party and friend groups. If you want to build your own quiz, is the right place to be. You can use the quiz templates of to easily start your own today!

What is a quiz?

A quiz is a form type where an individual gathers questions on a specific subject or a broad area. It can be about any particular subject with as many questions as one wants. Creating a free custom trivia game, with the effective help of is super easy. The purpose of your quiz can be education or pleasure according to your wishes.

You can create your online custom trivia game from scratch in the aspects of design to questions and answers. Or you can use one of the ready-to-go, smart templates of

If you want quick, fun quizzes to test your friends’ general knowledge, questions asking What is the capital of France and Who invented the telephone could be one of your questions. Thanks to a quiz of that sort, you can see who has the most general knowledge out of your friends. By sharing the quiz, you can collect responses from your target audience. 

How to create a fun quiz? offers many helpful templates to go with as it is a free trivia game maker. Moreover, starting your trivia night is easy as it can be. Now, without further ado, these are the steps to successfully creating your own quiz:

1. The first thing to decide on is the visual aspects of the form. You can choose to show the questions in a list view or step view. Afterward, it is time to decide whether to go with an existing theme or customize it with your chosen colors. offers many customization options, so you can easily create the form in your mind. 

2. The next step is doing the questions part. There are many question types to choose from. You can choose open-ended, checklist, or rating questions. To go into detail about questions, you can check out the ultimate guide to form questions on

3. You can decide the answers as well. The quiz takers can choose one or multiple answers. You can decide on making a question required or not required according to your wish.

4. One of the most important and useful features of is the conditions feature. You can simply set a condition to show or not show a specific question. For example, as stated in the picture below, you can choose from the options ‘if this option is left Empty, show/hide this question.’ This feature will help you go into specific details, or ask questions to get a specific result.

5. Another equally as important feature is the Calculator. Basically, it is a feature that allows you to assign points to specific answers. You can assign points to choices and provide an overall score. You can decide on showing their score in the end or choose not to.

Additionally, you can also assign different messages to different scores. As can be seen in the image below, setting 10 points for correct answers and 0 points for incorrect answers could help. In the end, you can put a message for people that got the score between 0-30 normal intelligence, 30-60 smart, 60-80 intelligent, 80-100 expert level, or anything relevant.

As a form and triva maker, offers many advantages to its users. Using any templates or starting your own form is super effortless. You do not need to know any coding to complete your form. Additionally, by using smart features such as the calculator and conditions, you will make the most of every form, quiz, or survey.

Here’s the final result! Test your geography knowledge, the create your own quiz by using the features we mentioned in this article!

You can also check out the 5 tips to create engaging online quizzes to get more information on the subject. Go and create your own quiz with today!