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Hash browns are the Anthony Bourdain-approved breakfast side meal of champs. Honestly, have you ever really ordered “home french fries “with your because you desired them? Hell, no. A shredded potato fried up good and crispy is damn near ideal– when done properly.

An excellent hash brown is the most basic recipe. The essential element here is to get rid of as much starch and water as possible, so that you get that good “shredded” potato feel where the shreds feel relatively specific yet still part of a crispy whole. A lot of individuals will inform you to parboil or perhaps bake and after that cool potatoes prior to the grate. That doesn’t work. Too much starch is going to be left over and you’ll have more of a mash potato pancake at the end, rather than a hash brown.

Thing is, hash browns are quite easy to make, they just take a little prep. In the end, we’re talking 15 minutes, max, to make a seriously tasty plate of hash browns in your home right now. Here’s how.


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The ingredients are the simple part here. You’ll need one medium-sized spud for each individual you’re cooking for. The potatoes I’m using are about midway between the size of a softball and baseball. You’ll likewise require sea salt, fresh split pepper, and a little olive oil.

You’ll also require a box grater, cast iron frying pan, a bowl, and a spatula. That’s it.

Personal note: I like to include a little garlic powder to my hash browns. It’s not needed by any stretch however it does give them a nice little edge. I’ve likewise included smoked paprika if the state of mind strikes. It depends on you. Possibly try it with the salt and pepper first and experiment from there up until you find your hash brown #authenicself.