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If the cost of your services depends on exactly what your clients require, you likely begin by gathering their needs and offering a sales quote. As a business owner, you might wish to streamline this procedure, and one method to do so is by more effectively obtaining client information. The important thing here is that you can satisfy your customers for the continuity and reputation of your business. Consistent and sustainable growth in this field depends on attracting potential customers.

It is a smart solution to use offer forms to attract potential customers and capture leads in the easiest way possible. With the use of form builder-like, you can easily accpmğlish this for free. In this article, you will learn what a quote form is and the importance of a quote form for your website, how to create a quote form for your WordPress site, and how to embed your quote form in WordPress.

What is a quote form?

A quote form is a document that businesses use to gather information about what a customer wants from their company. These forms are also used to establish an agreement between the seller and buyer regarding pricing and deliveries. Customers can see the type of service offered by the product and the associated cost in these forms. As a result, the buyer will be able to conduct a price performance analysis by looking at the price of the product so that they can select you or browse for alternative businesses that offer services at reasonable pricing.

As you can see, it’s up to you to catch customers requesting a quote form. Now, look at the 6 steps to creating a quote form for your WordPress website.

6 steps to create a quote form for your WordPress website

Getting a quote via e-mail is probably an extremely time-consuming and outdated technique. E-mail is far less convenient than a quote form. Thanks to the online quote forms; you can instantly provide customers with a price estimate and gather the required information much more conveniently than put it on your website, creating much more potential customers. You can easily do this with You can also use as a quote form generator, and it has many online form templates for giving quotes.

Once you open with your mobile form or your browser, it is pretty easy how you can create an quote form. Now let’s create an offer form for your WordPress website in 6 steps.

1.  Choose or create a template.

4.  Enter product or service prices.

6.  Share your form.

1.  Choose or create a template

With the form builder, you can create a form completely from scratch by selecting the template you want. Or you can use’s many quotation templates. The important thing here is to start by choosing the right template for your needs.

2.  Customize your form

To do this, select the “Design” option and make the necessary customizations on your forms. Some of the customization options; you can do is to change the colors or backgrounds of the form with the help of themes. Additionally, you are free to modify the questions as you see fit.

3.  Create conditional logic

Only the pertinent question can be displayed here based on the response provided in the “conditional logic” tab. With the conditional logic option, you can avoid presenting consumers with the information they do not need, helping them find the ideal pricing much faster. This option allows you to ask more personalized questions.

4.  Enter product or service prices

Here you will price products or services using the calculator feature. In this way, you can enable customers to get prices directly, allowing them to compare with other companies. In addition, using the conditional logic feature, you can offer prices to your customers according to the feature they are looking for.

5.  Edit and preview your form

You can preview your quote form and see your shortcomings. For example, you can also add a section for notes, thank your customers for their time, define who can view this form, and if you can to receive instant notifications; you can change it in the settings. Finally, do not forget to check your product pages.

6.  Share your form

Now your qyotation form is ready for your WordPress website. Also, you can make a customization link if you would like. With’s many integrations; you can add your forms to your WordPress website.

How to embed your quote form on WordPress

A content management system called WordPress enables you to host and create websites. You can add the quote form that you created on to this tool used by millions. You may quickly copy the embed code from the “Share” page and paste it into the HTML of the suitable website area if you want to embed your form in WordPress. Now let’s see how to do this step by step.

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Use free quote form templates and start today

You can measure the expectations of your customers with quote forms. And you help them set a price in mind without getting tired. However, if preparing forms is tiring for you, you should look at In, there are numerous quote form templates. You can customize these templates because of their user-friendly features. 

Now you know how to embed a quote form in WordPress for your site visitors to fill out. Also, you can add your own forms to your site without the quote plugin WordPress. For this and more, quickly create forms using’s ready-made templates.