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Fall is by far one of our favorite seasons. What’s not to like? Pumpkin spice thrills, crisp weather condition, apple selecting, colorful trees and Halloween costumes make it virtually unsurpassable. And now there’s another incredible factor to fall a lot more in love with autumn.This seasonal craft allows you to turn the gorgeous leaves altering color all around you into something even more stunning. The basic job, from Kate Pruitt through Design Sponge, requires just a few products. Collect together a range of sizes of vibrant maple leaves, a couple of brief twigs, scissors and flower tape. With these materials and this step by action video from The Crafty Mommy, you can make an arrangement of gorgeous fall roses.The trick to these fall blooms is newly fallen, dry leaves.

You’ll need to collect about 10 delegates make each flower. That should not be a hard job at all. Simply walk out your door and scoop up a couple of vibrant handfuls.Start with one of the smaller sized leaves, folding and rolling it and keep going

with each successive leaf, making sure to hold the bud together as you include more leaves. Using smaller leaves at the beginning, and making them gradually bigger, is the way to go. You can add as many or as few leaves as you desire to make a smaller sized or bigger bloom.Once you’ve made the flower the size you ‘d like, pinch

the leaf stems together and cover the entire thing firmly with flower designer tape to secure it. Then trim completions of the stems with scissors.You can upgrade each flower and make them into long stem roses.

To do this, grab the sticks and connect one to each flower with flower designer tape. Complete it off by covering floral designer tape down the length of the stick.Voila! The ideal seasonal arrangement.