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Published 7th Mar 2023

Despite its island paradise reputation, doing Norfolk Island on a budget is actually a walk in the park. With affordable options for accommodation and dining as well as plenty of natural wonders to keep you occupied, Norfolk is both accessible and affordable.

A tiny spot of land in the middle of the South Pacific, Norfolk Island welcomes thousands of visitors every year. Steeped in history, home to stunning beaches and wildlife, and featuring some of the most breathtaking scenery you’ll ever see – Norfolk Island has all of the hallmarks of a great island holiday.

As South Pacific specialists, Norfolk Island is one of our most treasured holiday destinations.  So, we’ve put together this handy guide for visitors who want to enjoy everything it has to offer without blowing the budget.

Norfolk Island Budget Accommodation

There are actually plenty of accommodation options for those exploring Norfolk on a budget, as most of the accommodation is reasonably priced.

The island’s accommodation is largely made up of self contained apartments and cabins where you may have access to a couple of rooms as well as kitchen facilities. This means you aren’t obliged to visit restaurants for every single meal, and also have the space to relax comfortably in your own accommodation.

Booking a Norfolk Island holiday package can also increase your savings. Norfolk Island accommodation packages are often bundled with flights, transfers, accommodation and tours for significantly less than if you were to purchase everything individually.

Norfolk Island Budget Dining

Eating on Norfolk Island does not have to be a lavishly expensive affair – in fact, there are many great ways to eat without breaking the bank!

Your accommodation will most likely have kitchen facilities which makes it much easier to cut down on food costs. It should be noted that you can bring packaged food with you to the island – so you can also stock up on cereal and two-minute noodles before flying out. On the island there is a grocery store, as well as honesty boxes all around that sell fruit and veg for a small donation.

Some accommodation options are equipped with barbecue facilities, and barbecues can even be found at all the major beaches. In our opinion, there is nothing better than a barbecue while the sun sets across the beach.

In terms of restaurants, High Tide Kitchen, Olive Cafe, and Aunt Mary’s Restaurant are all highly rated but moderately priced restaurants. The Bowling Club Bistro often does great specials that are worth checking out as well.

Norfolk Island Budget Activities

Activities are where we believe Norfolk Island truly stands out for a budget. This is because nearly all the activities on the island are low cost or simply free.

The beaches are gorgeous and free, and equipment for snorkelling or kayaking are usually low cost. There are a large number of hikes and nature walks available for every fitness level, and you do not need to book a guide if you do not wish.

In terms of cultural activities, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the old Kingston jail is free to enter and explore. The Hundred Acres Reserve is also free, as well as the botanic garden.

Norfolk Budget Holidays Never Sacrifice

Norfolk Island is the perfect destination for an affordable holiday with your family, friends or loved one. There is so much to see and do – much of it free or low cost – that you won’t feel like you’re sacrificing anything.

Our number one recommendation is to research the different holiday packages to Norfolk Island and deals that are available and find one that works for you. With all your necessities included – flights, accommodation, car hire and Norfolk Island tours – they really are the best way to save money on your trip.

If you need help planning your Norfolk Island budget holiday or want to learn more about our package deals, get in contact with our friendly team of experts today on 1800 800 722

Photos credit of Norfolk Island Tourism