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My Painful Commute SAVERS that Make a World of Distinction

On a good day, my commute into work takes about an hour and fifteen minutes. On a bad day, well, for this working mama my commute takes a little piece of my soul.As with anything undesirable though, you can either wallow in it or learn from it. In my years of handling a long commute I’ve absolutely had those days of wallowing. And I can’t state I have actually totally turned the corner, however I’m trying to make it more efficient wallowing a minimum of using some self-help techniques.One productivity and

personal development framework I gained from Hal Elrod’s book The Wonder Early morning is SAVERS. Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading and Scribing. Based on the six routines of highly successful individuals, the concept is to execute all 6 elements into your morning to begin your day with performance and positivity. I’ve taken Hal’s technique on the road and while it may seem impossible to do all 6 of those things on your commute, I ensure you it’s completely manageable. Let’s break every one down to make your long commute efficient and less unpleasant will we?SILENCE Consider your day. Just how much of it is invested in outright silence? Not including sleeping.If you have actually found your method to

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I’m going to take a guess that you are a mommy who works outside the home attempting to determine how in the heck to manage a long commute when you have 15 trillion things to do every day. As a working mama you may be woken up WAY pre-dawn by a small child three inches from your face asking for water. Your day then goes into active drive as you get kids all set for the day, effort to clean and clothe yourself, get yourself to work, put out fires all day at the workplace, talk with teachers and other moms and dads at daycare or school choose up, address rapid fire concerns from your kids on the drive house, talk over dinner with your family, begin the bedtime negotiations, and ultimately sink into your sofa at some point past 8pm and attempt to carve out a little conversing time with your partner before you pass out. That discussion is frequently about dental expert consultations. Your day is filled with words, and really little silence.If this appears particular it’s due to the fact that it is my life. I knew the benefits of meditation for psychological health, however that wasn’t making it onto my non mobile priority list. Last year I check out Kallie Branciforte’s blog site post about enhancing your creativity by adding 20 minutes of silence to your day and I changed my tune. More specifically I shut off thetunes. Kallie discovered her peaceful timeon her commute so I tried to do the very same. It’s revitalizing to just be with your own thoughts, or post or book chapter, I feellike I’m being productive with my commute and getting some composing done on the go.If you’re not a writer, you still have things to write I’m quite sure. Utilize a voice to text app to record your to-dos or brilliant concepts for work. You just turned your long commute into a mobile workplace; how’s that for productivity?WRAP UP Did you skip to the bottom to see the length of time this post was? Fair enough, it’s a meaty one. Key takeaways– make your long commute efficient by utilizing the SAVERS framework– Silence, Affirmations, Visualizations, Workout, Reading, and Scribing. Some basic modifications can really make those hours in the automobile way less unpleasant. Want to read this entire post while you’re travelling? Try Speechify. It’s an app that turns any short article into an audio file. Download it, then come back to this post. Performance city.With best desires for light traffic, respectful motorists, and a full gas tank on your commute

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