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Why sky diving ought to be your next Halloween scare

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Halloween checklist:

  • Haunted house/asylum
  • Corn maze
  • Frightening movie binge
  • Skydiving


Get a different kind of scare this Halloween.Want “scary”? How about strapping yourself to a complete stranger and plunging to the earth at 120mph after hurling yourself out of an airplane?Just joking. Truly, if you enjoy even a little Halloween

fright, try tandem sky diving this year– you’ll get an entirely different kind of scare this Halloween. Sky diving will be sure to offer you a spooktactular experience!Your outfit isn’t only for celebrations and trick or dealing with. Halloween costumes are the very best. We like

them a lot that a number of us invest unlimited hours either 1 )looking for an outfit

2)selecting a costume or 3)sometimes even making an outfit. And a lot of them come at rather the cost. So why not get all the mileage and loan’s worth you can out of your costume? Your Halloween outfit isn’t just for celebrations and trick or dealing with, but likewise for leaping out of aircrafts (obviously). Everybody else does their tandem skydive in either a skydiving one-piece suit or their street clothes. On celebration, jumpers can be found in with a onesie or enjoyable t-shirt, however if

you ask us, absolutely nothing compares to a Halloween costume. You’ll want to consult manifest to make sure your costume is safe for skydiving initially, so we do recommend calling ahead or bringing alternative clothes (or an alternative costume) simply in case.We eagerly anticipate seeing your costumes! If you haven’t made a tandem dive yet, we recommend this fast keep reading

what you require to understand before your very first tandem skydive. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and< a href = target=_ blank > Twitter to see if images from your skydive are included at some point soon.Blue Skies,– The Skydive Santa Barbara Team