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Memorial Day events across the U.S. will look a bit different this year, with most picnics, parades, and services canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak. That’s why CBS News “On the Roadway” reporter Steve Hartman is teaming up with retired Flying force bugler Jari Villanueva to keep the spirit of the vacation alive.Hartman and Villanueva are asking veterans, artists, teachers, and trainees of all abilities and ages to sound Taps on their front lawns, porches, and driveways at 3 p.m. local time this Monday, May 25th.

Taps is quickly identifiable as the mournful 24-note bugle call dipped into American military funeral services and ceremonies. Hartman and Villanueva hope that the across the country occasion will offer a chance to pause for a minute to pay homage to fallen service members and victims of the coronavirus pandemic while keeping social distancing guidelines.Hartman was influenced

by a story he carried out in 2012 on Don Brittain, who sounded Taps on his veranda at sundown. Hartman believed other trumpet gamers could do the same.Independently, Villanueva had essentially the very same concept for a Memorial Day tribute. Villanueva retired from the United States Air Force at the rank of Master Sergeant, after 23 years having fun with the United States Flying Force Band at Arlington National Cemetery. His organization Taps for Veterans helps match live buglers and trumpet players with military families for funeral services and ceremonies.If you wish to dust off your trumpet or bugle and sound the call, here’s what you need to understand: Who can participate?Anyone who can sound Taps on a trumpet, bugle, or comparable instrument.When should I sound Taps?Monday, May 25( Memorial Day) at 3 p.m.

in your time zone.Should I record myself sounding Taps?Yes– we

plan to reveal a few of your videos on the CBS Night News on Tuesday.

See below for suggestions on filming and how to submit your video.How do I sound Taps?Find the sheet music here.

Villanueva suggests playing in the secret of B flat, if

possible.Where must I play?Your front lawn, porch, balcony, driveway, etc.– anywhere you can be socially distant from neighbors and passerby. Do not hesitate to alert your neighbors so they can come listen from a safe distance.What must I do if I

hear Taps?If you hear Taps being sounded, you need to react as you do for the nationwide anthem: Stand, face the musicand place your turn over your heart.On Tuesday’s”CBS Evening News, “we’ll share videos of some of the individuals. Here are some suggestions to assist you tape-record your video: What ought to I use to record a video of myself?Any phone with a camera works– you do not require any fancy devices. Just position your phone someplace steady, or

have someone with consistent hands hold it in one place. Sit tight horizontally, not vertically, so your video is wider than it is high. Tape the entire performance.If next-door neighbors or friends concern listen, get a shot of them too!How do I share my video with CBS?Tag us in your video on social networks with the hashtag #CBSTaps

, or submit it to this folder. Please consist of

your complete name and area in the file name, if possible.To contact On the Road, or to send us a story idea, email us: