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How To Plan Shirdi Trip From Hyderabad Best Plans To Reach Shirdi From Hyderabad Shirdi is the most popular pilgrimage of Lord Sai Baba. Many of the devotees wish to visit this temple and surrounding places. It is also a dream place for devotees as it is the place where Lord Sai Baba used to live and devotees can see the memories of Baba there. People who wish to visit the Shirdi temple from Hyderabad need to plan the trip before the journey. Here is the detailed plan schedule to visit Shirdi from Hyderabad. Hyderabad is at a distance of 671 km from Shirdi. You can reach Shirdi from Hyderabad in three modes by bus, by train and by flight. Shirdi Trip By Bus Plan Shirdi Trip By Bus Plan

The Hyderabad to Shirdi bus takes around 11:30 hrs of the journey to reach Shirdi by bus. The TSRTC Rajadhani AC Semi Sleeper bus from Hyderabad to Shirdi with service number 1888 has a ticket fare of Rs.1,460 and has boarding points like MGBS(17:20), Ameerpet metro pillar no-1077 (17:40), KPHB Colony(17:55), Miyapur BLRM X Road(18:00) and BHEL-Lingampally(6:10). Other private travels agencies like Orange Tours and Travels, SVR Tours and Travels, Jay Bajrang Travels, Humsafar Travels, Musafir Travels, M R Travels, Shri Mahadev, Morning Star, Shri Mallinath Tours and Travels and more operators are also operating buses from Hyderabad to Shirdi with a price ranging from Rs.1300 to Rs.2500. These bus services start at 6:15 PM and run up to 11:15 PM from Hyderabad and have multiple boarding points. You need to check and book accommodation for fresh up and stay, book the return journey tickets and need to search for an agent to visit sightseeing places. So these are the things you need to check and do multiple bookings, research yourself before or after reaching shirdi while you are planning. Fortunately, You can avoid all these hurdles for your shirdi trip by choosing and booking one Shirdi tour package from Hyderabad by trusted travel partners. Because accommodation, visiting sightseeing places, return and onward transportation are included in these packages. Guide is also available with you once you reach Shirdi. AC sleeper and seater bus packages are also available. Shirdi Trip By Train Plan Shirdi Trip By Train Plan

Hyderabad to Shirdi by train takes 13 hrs of journey time. There are a total of 13 trains that run from Hyderabad to Shirdi. Two railway stations are available near the Shirdi Nagarsol and Sainagar Shirdi. So you can book the trains to these two stations to reach Shirdi. Let’s go into more detail about these. Nagarsol Station is located 41 Km from Shirdi and Sainagar Shirdi is located around 3 Km from Shirdi. Most people deboard at Nagarsol Railway Station because the journey time from Nagarsol to Sainagar is around 2 hours by train. Journey time from Nagarsol to Shirdi by location transportation(sharing auto and car) is 1 hour only. That’s why most people prefer Nagarsol Station rather than Sainagar Shirdi. So, you can reach the temple easily from two railway stations which are near to Shirdi Temple. Below find the available trains to both railway stations with timings. Note : Nagarsol is also one of the stops for the Secunderabad to Sainagar trains. Sai Nagar Shirdi(SNSI) Railway Station is at a distance of 3 km from Shirdi Temple. You can reach Shirdi temple by auto with Rs.50 to 60 from SNSI station. Kakinada Port Sai Nagar Shirdi Express(17206) – departs in Sec at 4:25 PM and drops at Nagarsol(Sai Nagar Shirdi) at 09:10 AM Narsapur Nagarsol SuperFast Express( 12787) – departs at Sec at 8:05 PM and drops at Nagarsol(NSL) at 07:10 AM Visakhapatnam SaiNagarShirdi Express(18503) – departs at Sec at 8:30 PM and drops at Nagarsol (Sai Nagar Shirdi) at 10:45 AM Tirupati SaiNagarShirdi Special(07637) – departs at Sec 17:00 PM and drops at Nagarsol(Sai Nagar Shirdi station) at 10:45 AM Tirupathi SaiNagarShirdi Express(17417) – departs at Sec at 20:55 PM and drops at Nagarsol(Sai Nagar Shirdi station) at 10:45 AM Secunderabad Jn Sai Nagar Shirdi Express(17002) – departs in Sec 4:25 PM PM and drops at Nagarsol(Sai Nagar Shirdi) at 09:10 AM Hyderabad Deccan Jaipur Express(17020) – departs at Sec at 3:45 PMdrops at Nagarsol(NSL) at 02:55 AM Narsapur Nagarsol Express(17231) – departs at Sec at 21:30 PM and drops at Nagarsol(NSL) at 09:45 AM Vijayawada Nagarsol Special(07698) – departs at Sec at 22:35 PM and drops at Nagarsol(NSL) at 14:10 PM in the afternoon Rameshwaram OKHA Express(16733) – departs at Sec at 23:40 PM and drops at Nagarsol(NSL) at 11:35 AM As said earlier, You need to check the transportation to reach Shirdi temple and need to check the accommodation facility, searching for the agent to visit sightseeing places around shirdi before or after reaching shirdi. Also, you need to book the train ticket for the return journey. All these are the difficulties to plan a journey. Now all such problems are solved and you can enjoy the trip just by booking a single package. We are providing the Hyderabad to Shirdi tour package by train with onward and return tickets along with nearby temple visits and accommodation. Book our Hyderabad to Shirdi Tour Package by Train and enjoy the trip without any difficulties. Shirdi Trip By Flight Plan Shirdi Trip By Flight Plan

Hyderabad to Shirdi by flight takes 1 hour 15 mins journey time. The ticket price ranges from Rs.4,688 to Rs.5,038. Indigo and Spice Jet are nonstop flights from Hyderabad Airport to Shirdi Airport. The Indigo flight departs from Hyd at 1:50 PM and drops at Shirdi at 3:05 PM. The Spice Jet airport departs from Hyd at 8:15 AM and drops at Shirdi at 10:00 AM. Shirdi International Airport is at a distance of 14 km from Shirdi Temple and it takes 21 minutes to reach. To reach Shirdi temple you can take a taxi with a fare ranging from Rs.700 to Rs.1100 from Shirdi Airport. You can also reach the Shirdi temple by an AC bus which is run by the government from the airport with a ticket fare of Rs.60 per person. The bus runs from 6 AM to 9 PM. For this plan, you need to check the accommodation, finding travel agent to visit popular places close to shirdi. And you also need to book the tickets for the return journey. These are the primary things you need to do before or after reaching shirdi. As said earlier, all these can be done by booking one fully guided tour package by flight. We provide Shirdi tour packages from Hyderabad by flight with nearby temple visits along with accommodation in a single package to enjoy the trip. Visiting Shirdi and other nearby temples and accommodation, onward and return journey flight tickets are included in these packages. Checking the accommodation availability in Shirdi and booking journey tickets from Hyderabad to Shirdi and Shirdi to Hyderabad is all that makes a lot of trouble in planning the trip. Now, you can relax with no such troubles and book a single package that includes to and fro journey tickets and accommodation. Bestbus provides the Shirdi tour package from Hyderabad by bus, flight and train transportation with to and fro journey tickets along with accommodation. Book our Hyderabad to Shirdi packages and visit the popular Shirdi and other nearby temples. Check the availability and book the Shirdi darshan ticket at before booking the package. Contact Number Contact Number

9811872515 is the contact number to book our Hyderabad to Shirdi tour packages by bus, train and flight and to inquire about any other details of packages.  Plan the Shirdi trip like this for your next visit and enjoy the tour without any hurdles at the exact darshan slot time and see all the memories of Baba in Shirdi. Receive the blessings and witness the Haarathi seva of Baba.