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What if I informed you that every year can be better than the last!

.?.!? That this year can be better than in 2015. And next year can be better than this year. And on and on.This is the belief system I run under.I don’t believe in the “good ole days.”

I purposefully think that I can make every year much better than the last.How amazing is

this?And it’s not just fluff. It

works.This year was better than last year for me.

And next year will be even better.You can have this, too.You can develop a year that you remember for

the rest of your life.

You do not have to misuse another year. Life doesn’t have to be so hard. You don’t need to remain in the very same place next year. You can make the most of the time you have now and make next year your finest year yet.I’m not recommending you can control the result of your year. Things occur all the time in life that you can’t control. But you can manage what you make those things indicate. One Friday last year, I thought I was heading out of town to get engaged. It ended up that the releationship ended all of a sudden, and I never talked to or saw the managain.At the time I was entirely ravaged. It was bad. But even because place, I knew in some way it was happening for me. I was so figured out to make the next year my finest year no matter what it took.And by leaps and bounds, that following year was my best year ever.Not by mishap. Not by opportunity. But since I did the work.I share this just to show you that you can’t manage your past, other individuals, or situations, however you can manage what you make it

all suggest and how you do something about it into the future.Before we begin with preparing your best year ever, get on over into my totally free 7 day training where I reveal you how to

Style Your Dream Life. Add your e-mail below, and I’ll send you day 1. Okay, let’s get started! 1. Reflect on the in 2015 The very first action to planning your best year is to assess last year.Experience teaches you absolutely nothing. Assessed experience teaches you whatever.– Andy Stanley The initial step to planning your best year is to assess your last year. You require to recall at what you did in 2015 and compare it to your goals and visions for your life.Your experiences from last year can assist you create your finest year yet, but you have to evaluate those experiences so you know what worked and what didn’t.

To do this, I recommend using: In The 15 Indispensable Laws of Growth, Maxwell blogs about how

, at the end of each year, throughout the week in between Christmas and New Years, he recalls through his calendar from the previous year and assesses how he invested his time. He looks at his calendar– day-by-day, month-by-month– and takes inventory of what he did. He compares his time spent to his objectives and visions for his life. Doing this reveals him the excellent, the bad, and the unsightly from the last year. Then, he takes that information and prepares the next year, intending to make it his best year ever( each year is much better because it’s planned purposefully). This is likewise what I teach in Dream Year, with matching workbooks to make it simple to do.The secret is to simply do it(more than it is crucial how you do it). Look at your calendar from last year and see how you invested your time each month, week, and day. If this is the very first time you’re doing this, you may not have actually as detailed of a calendar as you would have had if you knew you were doing this. But do your finest. In the future, put whatever on your calendar so you not just plan the proper way but likewise so you can show back more easily.I track whatever from the activities I do, to

the visits I have, to is due to the fact that his moms and dads did sucha bad job raising him that he can’t stand the idea of not being in control of his own earnings and work. He can’t work for other individuals due to the fact that he needs to be in control. Recognizing this makes his focus and dedication higher than if henever ever knew his genuine why. It keeps him going.Knowing your why moves you forward– it keeps you going when things get tough(because they will

). When you discover your real why, absolutely nothing will stop you from living your best year(and life)ever.5. Establish systems to implement your best year ever Once you have actually assessed in 2015 and you have your visions, your goals, and your why, you require to set up systems to execute your dream you so you can actually have your best year ever.This is the linchpin of making it possible for you to prepare your dream year and make it your best year ever.Here are the systems I utilize and recommend … Create a digital calendar. I use gCalendar for this. I keep it in month and week view. I schedule everything from events to my early morning regimen, to working out, to what I’ll produce during work time.Put due dates on your calendar to accomplish your goals. Consist of great deals ofmini-deadlines with action steps required to achieve your goals. This alone is a super tedius procedure, however it’s 1000 %percent worth it since it offers you a specific plan to follow.Use an efficiency app that will assist you remain accountable

. I utilize: 1)Evernote, 2)Trello, 3)Day One Journal, 4)the Reminders app, and 5)HabitMinder.Don’t get hung up thinking there is one System. As long as you use some sort of planning tool, like a calendar, you will be excellent to go.I spend at least 20-30 minutes looking at my calendar every day.

Often, it’s more than that. I have actually things color-coded and extremely organized.Take time to do this!Find tools that work for you and utilize them.You don’t require another day planner. You require a plan.Remember this!A Final Note!You definitely can make next year your best year ever.Follow the actions above, which again are … Assess in 2015 by examining your calendar Jot down big visions for each area of your life Set goals in the locations you desire to deal with in the next year Discover and articular your why Establish helpful systems where you use your calendar to produce a strategy with deadlines If you do this every year, you will plan your dream yearand execute it, changing the course of your life forever.It doesn’t mean things won’t happen or alter. It simply suggests you’re in control of

how you react and how you progress in spite of those things.You can produce your dream year.

I understand it. * Benefit tools for your dream year (and

finest year ever)* I recommend reading at least one book monthly throughout the year.This will assist you discover and grow as an individual. You’ll be more geared up to know what you want and how to be your best self.Here are 3 books that will assist you understand what it means to cope with function, which belongs to living intentionally and making every year your finest yet … And here are my most popular

  1. article for developing yourdream year that you can check out next … Cheers to making next year your dream year!P.s. If you wish to increase your productivity, time management, and goal-setting success, join me in my free 7 day Design Your Dream Life training by including your e-mail to the type listed below!< img src= data-pin-url= data-pin-media= alt =" How to prepare your best year ever"data-pin-description="How to prepare

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