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Magic: The Gathering by Wizards of the Coast can be an incredibly complicated game to learn and wrap your head around. How do I build a deck? What is a Planeswalker? How does combat work? Don’t worry! Wheels is here to teach you how to play Magic: The Gathering in a tutorial that even absolute beginners should be able to grasp. Got a specific question? See the chapters below to find the answer:

00:00 – Sponsored by Wild Bill’s
00:44 – Introduction
01:26 – What is Magic: The Gathering? The Basics
03:15 – How do I start the game? Drawing your first hand
04:07 – What are the types of cards in Magic? And how do they work?
10:00 – How do turns work in Magic? Playing your turn
11:16 – How does combat work in Magic? Fighting and defending
13:08 – What are keywords? And what do they mean?
16:37 – How do I build a deck in Magic: The Gathering?
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