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O f all that is distinct about the Christian faith, this aspect differs: Its leaders are not contacted us to their positions due to the fact that of rare ability, raw talent, or overwhelming desire. They are not certified by the charming personality, the capability to draw a crowd, or experienced rhetoric. Rather, Christian leaders are called and certified by godly character. In passages like 1 Timothy 3:2 -7, Titus 1:6 -9, and 1 Peter 5:1 -3 we read what a guy must be if he is to function as pastor (or older, if you prefer).

D.A. Carson has actually rightly pointed out that the list of certifications for senior citizens is “remarkable for being plain.” Why? Due to the fact that “the criteria mentioned are demanded of all Christians all over. Which is another method of saying, senior citizens are very first of all to be exemplars of the Christian beautifies that are presupposed as mandated on all Christians.” Every church is meant to be complete of males and females who show these characteristics. And if every Christian is indicated to show to display them, every Christian ought to wish them. This little guide lists each of those certifications and suggests a couple of prayers associated with every one. Personally, I pray for one of these traits every day, utilizing the bullet points as a guide. Maybe you will discover it handy to do something comparable.

(Note: I have a booklet on this subject suggested for specific or group research study.)

Above Reproach

I pray …

  • . that I would have an undeniable character
  • … that I would keep a credible reputation and be an example deserving of following
  • … that my life would be so constant that there are no opportunities for blame or disgrace to be connected to it
  • … that I would be complimentary from any blight of character or perform so my life will stay irreproachable in the eyes of others … that through the power of the Holy Spirit I would recognize, battle, and eliminate sin wherever it exists in my life

A One-Woman Guy (or a One-Man Female)

I hope …

  • . that I would be a one-woman type of male (or one-man kind of lady), exemplary in love and faithfulness to my better half (or hubby)
  • … that I would not have roaming eyes or a thinking mind
  • … that I would relate to older ladies as moms and more youthful females as sisters, in all pureness (or older males as fathers and younger males as brothers, in all pureness)
  • … that I would be appropriately discreet in my relationships with members of the opposite sex which I would never be flirtatious, promiscuous, or associated with any questionable relationship
  • … that I would be dedicated to my spouse, nurturing and valuing her as Christ does the church (or committed to my other half, joyfully submitting to his management as the church does to Christ)


I hope …

  • . that I would be well-balanced, moderate, and totally free from excesses in my concepts and convictions
  • … that I would be watchful and observant of what goes on around me
  • … that I would not be the kind of person who misses what is crucial while concentrating on what is of little importance


I pray …

  • . that I would be a noise, reasonable thinker
  • … that the pride staying in me would be tempered by a sobering awareness of staying sin and personal frailty
  • … that I would demonstrate a thoughtful restraint and modesty in all areas of my life


I pray …

  • . that my life would be disciplined and orderly instead of haphazard, scattered, or messy
  • … that I would be accountable, completing all my tasks and completing what I start
  • … that I would be sensible and level-headed in all my transactions
  • … that I would practice prudence, recognizing and applying biblical principles when making choices
  • … that I would show a sanctified sound judgment
  • … that there would be a proper sort of self-respect about me


I hope …

  • . that I would be warm, friendly, and welcoming
  • … that I would open my house to good friends and complete strangers alike
  • … that I would sacrificially offer help to those in need
  • … that I would reveal a determination to share with others whatever God has offered me


I pray …

  • . that I would establish and preserve scriptural convictions around alcohol and any other substance for which there is even the least possibility of abuse or dependency
  • … that I would never ever break my conscience, pass judgment on others, or flaunt my freedom
  • … that I would be moderate and self-controlled in my consumption of alcohol or any other substances that might threaten addiction
  • … that I would have the ability to delight in God’s good presents without ending up being oppressed to them

Faithful Father (or Faithful Mother)

I hope …

  • . that I would be the head of my household (or joyfully submit to my spouse as head of my household)
  • … that I would invest adequate time with my kids and raise them in the discipline and direction of the Lord
  • … that I would not enable my children to be insubordinate or wild
  • … that I would exercise a simple, caring management over my children and not be a tyrant who gets submission by force, control, or injustice
  • … that my kids would show regard for me in public and private


I pray …

  • . that I would be equitable in my choices and counsel
  • … that I would be fair in all my transactions
  • … that I would treat all people similarly
  • … that I would not neglect those who are unlike me or who are easily missed out on

Eager to See the Excellent

I hope …

  • . that I would take delight in whatever delights God
  • … that I would voluntarily prevent whatever has an evil influence over me or those I care for
  • … that I would not be known only for the evils I protest but also for the great I am for


I hope …

  • . that I would not be pugnacious, combative, or susceptible to lash out at others
  • … that I would be approachable even to people who disagree with me or who wish to challenge me
  • … that I would be kind and patient in dealing with others
  • … that I would be delicate to the sensations of others so my words and actions reflect inflammation and promote healing


I pray …

  • . that I would not be controversial or excited for a fight
  • … that I would constantly seek to make peace with others
  • … that I would fast to say sorry to those I’ve angered and quick to neglect offenses devoted versus me
  • … that I would eagerly and happily work together with others instead of being quarrelsome or competitive
  • … that I would not be easily drawn into arguments or into playing devil’s supporter

Not a Fan of Cash

I hope …

  • . that I would not make material ownerships the ambition of my life
  • … that I would refuse to pursue financial gain above eternal things, choosing to keep up treasure in heaven than in the world
  • … that I would not compromise my family or my spiritual health on the “altar” of my job
  • … that I would not be greedy or covetous, but rather be generous and fast to provide to those in need
  • … that I would give a generous part of my income to the church and rejoice when doing so


I pray …

  • . that I would be versatile in dealing with individuals and with concepts not plainly revealed in Scripture
  • … that I would not persist and insistent on getting my own method matters of wisdom or individual preference
  • … that I would not be so wrapped up in my own concepts that I end up being insensitive to the thoughts and sensations of others
  • … that I would not be so headstrong that I run over other individuals or fail to hear their knowledge and viewpoints
  • … that I would put others initially so that I do not believe of myself more extremely than I should think.Respected by Outsiders

I hope… that I would be

understood by people

  • outside the church and that they would appreciate me for my godly conduct and consistency of life … that I would have excellent track record with next-door neighbors, relatives, and associates … that I would be submissive to authority in the church, at work, and in government … that my name would be without acne in my neighborhood … that I would be a model of greats in the house, at work, and in my neighborhood so that by doing excellent to
  • others God will be glorified Holy Life I hope… that the Scriptures would be my standard for living … that I would have an obvious desire to be like Jesus Christ … that I would constantly and obviously fight versus sin and look for to please God Practices Godly Self-Restraint I hope… that I would have control over my enthusiasms and emotions … that I would run my life in accordance with the New Testimony’s ethical commands There are just a couple of certifications that are distinct to elders and not straight needed of other

    • believers. I am noting them here with some suggested prayers.Not a Rookie I hope… that I would resist temptation and sustain tests to show my faith is real … that I would show continuous development in my character and conduct … that I would grow in my understanding of the Scriptures and their application to my life … that I would not permit any type of prominence or position

      to prompt pride within me …

      • that I would thoroughly look for blind spots in my life to ensure I am not overlooking any area of remaining sin Able to Teach I hope… that I would constantly apply myself to the discipline of studying the Bible, so I would be a trainee before I am a teacher … that I would grow in my capability to take my understanding of the Scriptures and use it to the church for their illumination and development … that others would benefit by listening to my mentor … that I would grow in my capability to hold individuals’s attention and use God’s truth

        • in a fascinating and engaging way Desirous of Ministry I pray… that I would preserve my desire to serve the Lord as one of his under-shepherds … that I would thrill to perform the ministry God has called me to