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Believe it or not, among the most crucial tasks you can perform to ensure success for your tomato plants is to prune them! It not just makes a big difference in a tomato plant’s total health, however also spurs on a more efficient crop.

pruning tomato plants
Pruning assists offer valuable circulation and light to tomato plants. There are a whole host of advantages for pruning. Like much better blood circulation, less illness, increased pollination and higher yields. Even better, it makes plants simpler to maintain with weeding, watering

and fertilizing chores. However possibly most importantly– it is among the simplest garden chores you will ever perform! Here is a look at how to prune your tomato plants this year to assist grow your finest crop ever. We likewise have included listed below our video tutorial on pruning as well.

How To Prune Tomatoes

Develop Space At The Bottom Of Plants

Much of the rot and disease that affect tomato plants comes from the soil. Soil borne diseases such as tomato blight are triggered from spores residing in the dirt listed below.

prune tomato plants - avoid blight
Pruning plants helps with preventing diseases such as tomato blight. These spores are quickly sent to plants when they sprinkle up on the lower leaves of plants.

Particularly when it rains or when plants are watered. By clearing out the lower branches and foliage, you reduce the opportunity of infection and spread. In addition, that open area produced from pruning gives plants enhanced air circulation. And included air is crucial for development, pollination– and keeping mildew at bay too!

How To Prune The Bottom Areas Of Tomato Plants

Just how much to prune up from the bottom depends on what kind of tomato plant you are growing. (See Determinate vs. Indeterminate Tomatoes)

Determinate varieties tend to grow brief and bushy. For these smaller sized style plants, prune up so that there has to do with 8 to 10 inches of open space near the bottom.

Prune Tomato Plants Gradually

Do this gradually as the plant grows through the season. Start by removing the first couple of branches early on. As the plant continues to grow and complete, you can continue to prune up to get to the complete height of open area.

Black Krim
Among our San Marzano tomato plants growing early in the season last year.

For large, indeterminate ranges like Brandywine, Black Krim, etc., more area needs to be cleared. For the bigger tomato plant varieties in our garden, we prune up anywhere from 12 to 18 inches. The area created by cutting this lower level of branches permits excellent air blood circulation and light to the plants. That air flow and light do

wonders to keep mold and disease in check. It also makes it tough for crawling ground insects and insects to get an easy lift up to your plants. As an added advantage, it likewise give you easy access to the root zones of our plants for watering and fertilizing. (See: How To Fertilize Garden Plants For Success)

compost tea on tomatoes

Having open space at the bottom of plants makes watering and fertilizing easy. Once area at the bottom is cleared out, be sure to use a good 2 to 4 ″ layer of straw or shredded leaf mulch.

Not only will it help to avoid weeds, it keeps the soil moisture and temperature controlled. It will likewise help keep those soil borne disease spores from splashing up to the higher limbs.

Pruning The Middle & & Tops Of Tomato Plants

In addition to the lower sections of tomato plants, it is likewise crucial to clear space from the middle and tops of plants.

We constantly prune back any “wild branches” from our tomato plants that cross over into courses. We also clear out a couple of middle branches to let light and air into the mid-section of the plant.

If plants have too much foliage (like above)in the middle, it minimizes circulation and light.

That results in longer ripening times and less fruit. We tend to choose the branches with little to no flowers on them. This way, the more productive branches that stay can continue to establish their fruit.

Do not overthink or over-prune at this moment. Simply eliminate a couple of branches and stems to enable a little bit of light in.

Prune Out Illness & & Damage At all

times, stay on the lookout for any branches or leaves that might show indications of black area or mold. Eliminate these branches right away to assist stop any disease from spreading out from plant to plant.

prune tomato plants
Constantly eliminate dead or damaged branches quickly from the plant. When pruning suspicious or damaged leaves and stems, make certain to keep them out of your garden compost bin to avoid passing the disease on.

How & & When To Prune The Tops Of Tomato Plants

Our last little pruning typically is available in mid to late summer season. At this moment, a lot of our tomato plants start to grow too high for our assistances. We just complement the plants to keep them manageable.

How To Prune Tomatoes– Video Tutorial

It permits the plant to direct it’s resources to ripening fruit, and not growing more foliage. It also makes harvesting much easier, and avoids splitting and splitting of branches that end up being too heavy to support.

What About Suckers

So what about the suckers on tomato plants? Well, numerous folks still remove these, and it definitely does not hurt the plants to do so.

We utilized to do this as well, but stopped after years of experimenting in our garden showed us it merely does not affect our crop yields or plant health.

How To Prune Tomato Plants– A Few Last Hints & & Tricks

Always make certain to use a sharp set of hand pruners or heavy-duty garden scissors. Dull blades will tear the plants, causing damage and tension. Be sure when completed to wipe down or clean the blades to keep any contamination at bay. (Item Link: Fiskars Hand Pruners)

Always utilize sharp pruners or scissors when pruning. In addition, it’s finest to prune tomatoes early in the early morning or late night. Plants are at their greatest stress level during mid-day sun, so prevent this time completely.

Happy Pruning, And Gardening!– Jim and Mary

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How To Prune Tomato Plants– And Why It’s The Secret To A Great Crop!