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Written by CBI sent group to question Vadodara businessmen What has actually Asthana been implicated of?Asthana is alleged to have actually demanded a kickback of Rs 5 crore from a Hyderabad-based entrepreneur through 2 middlemen to help him get off the hook in the Moin Qureshi case. CBI has

alleged that at least Rs 3 crore had already been paid to Asthana through the intermediaries. The firm has actually claimed that it has proof, through WhatsApp talks between the intermediaries and the business person, of allurements having actually been paid. The entrepreneur seems to have never ever fulfilled or spoken to Asthana. According to the CBI FIR, when a middleman offered to set up a meeting in Dubai, the business person refused.Did Director Verma need sanction prior to the FIR against Asthana was filed?CBI has argued that because this was a case of bribery and not of abuse of official position in connection with a decision taken on policy or otherwise, this would not fall under the

purview of Area 17A of the just recently amended Avoidance of Corruption Act. This, nevertheless, is being challenged by many.READ | War between CBI No 1 and No 2 brings Moin Qureshi case back in spotlight Area 17A says, “No police officer shall conduct any enquiry or questions or investigation into any offence alleged to have been devoted by a public servant …, where the declared offense is relatable to

…(the )discharge of his official functions or duties, without the previous approval … of the government. … No such approval shall be required for cases including arrest … on the area on the charge of accepting or attempting to accept any excessive advantage … “It is being argued that since in the event against Asthana, nobody was caught accepting a kickback”on the area “, the firm should have taken permission from the government prior to charging him.How should

the ongoing’ war’in the CBI be perceived– as an ego/turf battle between two senior officers, or as a tussle between two’ camps ‘? What started as a turf battle in between the 2 seniormost officers has now cleaved the agency, with other officers too, taking sides. The group under Asthana has actually stayed faithful to its boss while a number of others have actually selected to align themselves with Verma. A large number of officers have chosen to stay neutral as well, offered the continuing thriller over which method the tide would turn.Tags: For all the newest< a href= > Explained News, download Indian Express App