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Rosaria is one of my favorite character. She is a very versatile unit but she really excels as a cryo support / semi-dps unit. She raises the floor for her teammates by putting up buffs and elemental field that enables her team. Early on in the game she can be built as physical as well.

Where would you rate her as a support (or dps) character ?

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00:00 Intro
00:40 Auto Attack Comparison
02:00 Abilities Overview (E)
03:56 Abilities Overview (Q & Passive)
05:17 Rosaria Snapshot Explanation
06:19 Constellations
10:47 Optimal Artifacts & Recommendation
13:02 Weapon Explanation & Recommendation
18:02 My Current Rosaria Build
18:48 Showcase As Semi DPS
19:43 Final Thoughts & Verdict

Patch Version : 1.5
Current Banner : Eula, Xinyan, Xinqiu, Beidou

genshin impact rosaria

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