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This dish for How to Smoke Hamburger is contributed by Brian Kleinhans and was so appealing that we wished to share it with you here! Take it away Brian.I’m like

everyone and constantly trying to find various flavors to make my dishes unique. One time, while cigarette smoking ribs I questioned if it would be possible to get that pit smoked taste into ground meat.I figured out how. Here is how to smoke ground beef, or any ground meat for that matter.

How to Smoke Ground Beef
How to Smoke Ground Beef: Here’s What You Required 2 similar aluminum pans that will suit your smoker or grill Ground meat 4 or five medium sized stones. Yes, rocks.
  • I live in Arizona so I use what’s helpful for a spacer in between the aluminum pans but you could use anything that is heat resistant and not permeable Poke holes in the bottom of among the aluminum pans. I lay a piece of

    cardboard on a cutting board and put the aluminum pan on top of that then poke the holes with a large fork or the idea of a knife. The cardboard allows you to poke holes in the pan without warping it or going too deep.Crumble the ground meat into the pan that has the holes in it then place that pan inside the pan with your spacers. You want to expose as much of the surface of the meat to the smoke. As it cooks the fat will drain through the holes in the top pan and gather in the lower pan so your meat isn’t laying in the rendered fat. Put the pans on your grill or smoker with some hickory wood smoke. Temperature level isn’t crucial as the meat is already tender, but remember the lower the temp the longer the cook time and the longer the meat will be exposed to the smoke. Ground meat soaks up smoke like a sponge so a thin clean smoke is best. I do not use any spices at all with this as I don’t desire to take away from the smoke flavor.As the meat cooks it will caramelize on the leading, utilize a spatula to chop the meat into smaller sized chunks, beingmindful not to poke through the top pan, and turn it over periodically so all of the meat has a chance to brown.Smoked ground meat.I use this in my venison red chili and the smoke flavor truly includes a distinct flavor.This aluminum pan method can likewise be used for meatloaf or chuck roasts on the grill.And they don’t fall through the grate.Be sure to likewise try Georgia’s dish for< a href = target= _ blank rel =noopener >

    How to Smoke and Grill with Fresh Herbs.

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