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This is the new player walkthrough of how to do everything from scratch to playing Axie Infinity. I do a full demonstration of every step, from getting crypto on coinbase, to getting metamask, ronin, moving ethererum, downloading and installing axie infinity and beginning to play!

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Helpful links:

Chapters of the video:
Step 1. 2:43 Get Coinbase
Step 2. 3:25 Buy Ethereum
Step 3. 3:33 Get a Metamask wallet
Step 4. 10:21 Get a Ronin wallet
Step 5. 9:56 & 11:47 & 13:30 Connect your Ronin & Metamask to Axie Infinity
Step 6. 7:57 Move ETH to Metamask
Step 7. 14:30 Use the Ronin Bridge
Step 8. 17:00 Use the Marketplace to buy 3 Axies
Step 9. 21:00 Download the game from Axie Infinity
Step 10. 21:18 Install the Game
Step 11. 22:48 Sync your Axies & Play!

8:58 & 13:33 Quick Recaps if you got lost!
12:04 How your account works

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