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“We can not constantly manage everything that occurs to us in this life, however we can control how we respond.” ~ Lionel Kendrick

The coronavirus is no longer isolated to simply China. It’s here, affecting over ninety countries, and it continues to spread out worldwide with new cases appearing daily. It’s all over the news and there is an inevitable sense of stress and anxiety, tension, and uncertainty.

Just within the recently, there were over fifty confirmed cases in the Bay Area, where I live. Am I terrified? Yeah, particularly for my senior parents who are currently immune-compromised. Stress and anxiety flourishes on unpredictability. And these are some extremely uncertain times.

Then I am advised to be conscious, not swept away by the consistent news stories, workplace chatter, and Facebook stories bombarding my external environment. Being conscious does not indicate disregarding or preventing the scenario at hand. It implies being present, aware, and critical with all that is happening with the spread of the coronavirus.

Here are some things that help me remain grounded and mindful:

1. Be prepared for the things that you can control.

We do not have control over what happens in life, but we do have control over how we choose to respond. How can you pick to respond to this break out? You can select to react to the news, be driven by worry, causing stress and anxiety and stress– or you can select to be better prepared. Here are some examples:

Physical Precautions: You might have problem finding hand sanitizer, clorox wipes, masks, and other such supplies, but you can still wash your hands completely with soap and water. You can also make your own hand sanitizer utilizing two parts aloe, one part alcohol.

Social preventative measures:You may wish to prevent or restrict huge social gatherings. Change to phone calls and video calls, to stay connected with friends and keep your sense of neighborhood.

Relationship/Family: Go over with household members additional precautions needed for their safety. Talking with your moms and dads, older relatives, and kids about the value of handwashing and some (or all) of the other preventative measures noted here.

I (with the tag team effort of my bro) finally convinced my senior moms and dads to cancel their upcoming worldwide trip. When we were able to interact our concern from a location of love, not control, my (persistent) moms and dads were more receptive.

Work: Talk about with your manager the possibility of work-from-home choices, and make certain you have the needed devices and tools to work remotely.

Finances: There is a possibility that you might be asked to stay at home and not work for an extended quantity of time. If you are not financially prepared for this, it is essential to start considering it now. Some concerns you may ask yourself are: Where are some locations I could cut unneeded costs? How can I conserve more in the case of an emergency? Who could I connect for financial backing if I exhaust my resources?

Fitness: Rather of going to the health club, you might consider taking a run in nature, or doing your workout in the house.

Disturbances such as school, work, and organisation closures can trigger stress and anxiety and tension. These things are out of your control. The finest thing you can do is be gotten ready for these disturbances to the extent that you can.

2. What you select to focus on, grows.

Are you constantly watching the news, on top of every brand-new case of the coronavirus, discussing the outbreak with every colleague, good friend, or household member? Are you thinking, “Oh my God, what takes place if I get it and spread it to my kids? The entire world will be quickly contaminated!” How are your anxiety and tension levels? I wager you believe you are at high danger.

You can choose to grow your fear by being continuously flooded with this kind of information, or you can pick to anchor yourself in a belief that holds true for you. An example may be: “I am taking the necessary preventative measures to be as safe as possible.”

If you are feeling anxious, a loving-kindness mantra may be useful: “May I be safe, may I be healthy, may I live with ease.” My friend Dave Potter has a thirteen-minute loving-kindness meditation available here.

Personally, I choose to restrict my direct exposure to the news and describe the Center for Disease Control and Avoidance ( or World Health Organization ( for impartial facts.

I am not being oblivious by preventing the news, I am being discerning of what information I expose myself to. I educate myself about the kind of precautions I require to take– not out of fear, however out of discernment so that I can take the needed precautions from a smart, clear, focused place.3

. Look after your health (mind, body, spirit).

This goes without saying, but looking after your health must always be leading priority. Especially during times like these, it is much more crucial to care for our health and develop a strong body immune system.

Sleep well. Sleep impacts your immune system. You are more most likely to get ill after being exposed to a virus if not getting sufficient sleep (and quality sleep!).Consume well and work out.Healthy consuming routines and workout are vital to optimal health. Exercise and eating healthy promotes feelings of well-being and boosts immunity. Self-care/self-love. You can sleep well, consume well, and remain in excellent physical shape however be running around anxiously, mind racing a million miles per minute, trying to serve everybody else’s needs. Stop and do something for you. Whether that’s taking five minutes to soak in the warm sun, taking pleasure in a hot bath, or taking a walk in nature. Do something(no matter how little) every day, just for you. Meditation/mindfulness practice. Breathe, sit in silence, observe your ideas without judgment, be still. You understand that practicing meditation or practicing mindfulness has enormous benefits to your health. Make it a top priority. The coronavirus is a genuine outbreak and deserves appropriate attention. The more you tension, the more you reduce your immune functioning, the more susceptible you are to infections. You can take the essential safety measures to be safe and reduce your chances of exposure, be discerning of what you select to focus on, and keep your mind, body, and spirit in optimal health. May you be safe. May you be happy. May you be healthy. May you cope with ease. Yurika Vu is a mindfulness and empowerment life coach who deals with top-level professionals to make sustainable modification through mindfulness strategies.

She assists her customers gain clearness and vision so they can stand in their power to develop a life of fulfillment and joy. She is an instructor, cat lover, and dancer whose life objective is to spread love and generosity to all living beings. Discover more at a typo or mistake? Please call us so we can fix it!