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Family, good friends and coworkers, please stop reading now …

I’m making these adorable bags for everyone on my present list this holiday season! Bento bags for all!Produce Bag Sewing Meetups I started arranging sewing meetups previously this year to make fabric produce bags to distribute at the Sunnyvale Farmers ‘Market. I’ll exist on October 27th from 9am to 1pm, sitting in the Sunnyvale Environmental Provider booth.We have actually stitched near 400 produce bags for individuals to utilize in place of plastic. People contributed the material– old clean sheets or scraps that had actually been sitting in their attics and on their fabric piles– notions, thread scissors, ribbon, their time … Below are the bags I’ll hand out.(< a href = target=_ blank rel=noopener > Click on this link for the pattern.)Just some of the simple fabric produce bags we have actually stitched to hand out Searching for a Working Machine At our last meetup on Sunday, my good friend


@zerowastetraveller, gave me 2 bento bags she had actually made. They are so beautiful! I needed to attempt making some and posting the instructions.Mayumi’s bento bags However my sewing devicehasn’t been working. My serger works however I can’t do whatever with it. So on Sunday, I asked Chandra if he would lend me one of his sewing

makers. He said he would and that he

would likewise watch out for one for me.On Tuesday, Chandra discovered the metal Vocalist sewing device listed below on the side of the road.If you read my blog site or follow me on Instagram, you might have seen simply a few of the extremely good things we discover on the side of the roadway here in Northern California. I post so much nice things that at this moment, you may believe I’m making this all up, that nobody

discovers a practically brand-new ice cream maker, or two Ethan Allen chairs, or a piece of marble for picture backdrops, or a classic cast iron muffin tin or a durable metal sewing maker, all simply resting on the side of the roadway, discarded.If you live in the Bay Location, you just nod and say to yourself,”Yup, that’s the Bay Area.” Bento Bag Recommendations 1. Cutting the fabric These bags, like people, are lovely in all sizes. For the bento bag in this post, I cut out a square 22 inches by 22 inches.Cut a square Next, I cut the square in half along the diagonal, creating 2 isosceles triangles.

If you intend on making

a stack of these, eliminated one square or one triangle and utilize that as your design template to cut the pieces for numerous bags.Cut the square into two triangles 2. End up the edges of the

2 equivalent sides If you a few of

your edges are selvages (the firmly woven edges of a piece of material ), you don’t have to complete those. They will not fray.I utilized my serger to end up the edges with a rolled hem. You could do a zig-zag stitch on a regular sewing machine.Rolled hem Completed edges 3. Set out the bento bag Now lay out the bag

and pin it for stitching. Overlap the triangles as in the photo

listed below, with the ideal side dealing with up. I have actually overlapped the ideal triangle onto the left one.Lay out triangles for sewing Next, fold the left triangle onto the ideal

one and the right onto the left. You’ll wind up with what appears like a square with a triangle eliminated of the top

. Pin the front together and
the back. Keep in mind, the best side of the material is on the inside.Fold to make the sides and bottom the very same length 4. Start sewing!So the roadside device started to break down. I have to play around with the bobbin stress. My standard sewing device that hasn’t been working well decided to work today. Phew! I’m on a self-imposed, artificial due date to get

this post up!You’ll now sew along the equal sides of the inner triangle on the front and back of the bag. If you have a totally free arm maker, set that up. You’ll avoid sewing together parts that aren’t supposed to be sewn together.Sew here through the 2 front layers, then turn over and stitch through the 2 back layers Sewing the triangle Next, stitch along the bottom

through all the layers. I

used my serger, which stitches and ends up the edge in one fell swoop. If you use a basic device, stitch the bottom and then end up the edges with a zigzag stitch.Sew the bottom edge, through all four layers To make a little bit of a flat bottom, sew an inch or two at the end of each corner of the bag, perpendicular to the bottom edge.Make a flat bottom You’re done! Turn the bento bag inside out and press if desired.Finished bento bag The Bag in Action Evaluating out the bag Bento bag filled and tied Bento bag in action