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Let’s face it, when it comes to the fall and winter, boots are going to be the shoes of option. I like boots and I have them in all different colors. Plus, I have them in several different designs including open-toe, military, ankle, and over-the-knee. The location that I have struggled in when it pertained to using boots was how to use them with a gown. There are simply some celebrations when just a dress will do and the best design of boots can actually make the difference. In the photo above I have actually combined a pair of black pointed-toe ankle boots with a set of textured tights.
50 IS NOT OLD|HOW TO STYLE BOOTS WITH A DRESS|FASHION OVER 40 However, with this maroon sweatshirt and skirt combo, I chose a pair of brown block heeled knee boots. The skirt is a midi and the length of the skirt required the higher boot. If I had worn an ankle boot with this appearance it would have made my legs look like stubs. Instead, the strong color pattern made me look taller and that is typically an excellent thing. This black sweater dress struck me best at the knee level. With this appearance, I decided to wear the exact same ankle boots that I have on in the first image, however with a set of large black pipe rather. The large pipe makes the look more stylish which was what I was looking for with this appearance. 50 IS NOT OLD|HOW TO STYLE BOOTS WITH A DRESS|FASHION OVER 40 In this look, I decide’ed to use a pair of knee boots with a much shorter dress that hit me well above the knee. Yes, I could have used a tan however the boots were charming. Lol! I was hoping that everyone would discover the boots and forget all about my”ghostly”white legs. I could have simply stated that I was going as a ghost for Halloween and I was getting in outfit. Hahaha! This is a pair of over-the-knee boots by Tommy Hilfiger. I enjoy this pair for the color and likewise since of the low heel. I decided to use them with a striped sweater gown and cardigan that just meets the top of the boots. The number of you own a set of over-the-knee boots? How do you wear yours?50 IS NOT OLD|HOW TO STYLE BOOTS WITH A DRESS|FASHION OVER 40 Here is another appearance at a much shorter gown and a pair of knee boots. I am uncertain if it is the length of the dresses or the design of the dresses, but I think I look more youthful in those pictures. Is that my creativity? I am not talking”face”when I state younger, I am talking the overall impact. And, the last example for today is a gown and a pair of solid colored tights with a set of suede ankle boots. Tights are really popular right now but I have not yet got on board the trend. What do you gurls think? Are you a fan of leggings? I know that today’s post is different from many of my posts. Joe and I both had a held up with our colds and if you might have seen me the other day you most likely would never follow me again. Lol! I didn’t leave my pj’s all day and I slept a minimum of 3/4 of the day. I would awaken and eat and then go and lay back down. If I don’t feel better by today I am going to have to break down and go to the medical professional. I have a birthday party to attend this weekend in Tennessee and I want to be feeling much better to play with my grandchildren. Send me some good vibes, I require them. Plus, some chicken soup would be great too. Lol!!!

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