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Our Rust Stripe is our lightweight take on Autumnal vibes. The strong, thin stripes in our burnt shade of red on a white backdrop. For effortless style, pair it with our Rust Eden Cotton to draw attention to the stripe, whilst contrasting the white. Our Rust Stripe also works perfectly to freshen up warmer neutrals, like Mocha and Nude.

Our Midnight Stripe is the mid-weight pattern that can be toned up or down. Featuring a thin white stripes and a washed midnight blue, this stripe is designed to take your bed to the next level. For a matching look, our Midnight Eden Cotton is the way to go. Pair it with darker shades like Hunter Green and Charcoal for a more muted feel, or with one of our lighter colours to highlight the blue tone and brighten your room.

The pairing of delicate, thin white and charcoal stripes creates a soft, minimal look. The washed cotton leaves the charcoal a little lighter, making it super flexible when it comes to styling. After a monochrome look? Pair it with our White or Charcoal Eden Cotton, the solid colours will also work well to bring out the thin stripes. If you’re looking to introduce some earthy vibes, go for colours like Mocha, Terracotta or Papaya from our Eden cotton range. For a soft feminine feel, try pairing the striped sheets with our Blush or Lilac Eden Cotton quilt.

Our Beige Stripe is the strong lined pattern that goes with anything. A beautifully neutral stripe, easily paired with either warm or cool colours from our Eden Cotton range. To keep the warm earthy vibes, try pairing our Beige Stripe with colours like Mocha, Terracotta and Rose. They will compliment the nude and have your bed radiating warmth. If you’re looking to introduce cooler colours to your bedroom, mix in our Blueprint, Hunter, or Moss for a calming sanctuary feel.

Our Mocha Stripe is the perfect way to bring a touch more texture to the already lived-in feel of the fabric it features on. The thin Mocha and White stripes work together to create a super subtle look, neutral enough to work with all of our core Eden Cotton colours. If you’re into playing it safe, go for the easy option and pair it with our Mocha colour for some matchy-matchy bedroom vibes. For some balanced contrast, pair it with our darker colours like Moss or Black.