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What makes mental health so important?

Mental health is crucial these days because it affects each and every aspect of a person’s life. This can include a person’s career, his personal life and his physical health. One can go through severe anxiety and stress which can directly impact a person’s heart. And if someone is already going through illness such as hypertension, the situation can get worsen.

Here we take you through few points that can help you take care of mental health during COVID:

1. Reduce screen time

It is very important to stay away from negativity around, which nowadays is conveyed through social media, news etc. while it is important to stay updated but at times continuous news streaming can get in your head and leave a negative impact. Watching the news 24 hours can create an ample amount of anxiety. One of the most important things is to ensure you don’t suffer from information overload. It’s vital to give your mind a break and let it have a chance to enjoy through more mood uplifting entertainment.

2. To ensure you are physically healthy

Physical and mental health are directly related. To help protect your mental health you should also ensure your physical health is in place. There are many ways you can safeguard your physical health. Such as eating healthy meals, avoiding junk food, daily workouts, avoid too much alcohol, meditation.

3. Communicate

With the likes of social distancing, to be socially active has now become challenging. And many people go through massive anxiety when they refrain from talking to people as for some meetings and talking to friends is a kind of therapy. However, even though meeting physically is a challenge, one can keep the communication going through various digital mediums, phone calls, video calls etc., this can help a person to not get overwhelmed by the situation.

5. Involve in activities you like

Anxiety can take a back seat, if you occupy yourself in work that you like. You can make a list of stuff you like and try to get involved as much as possible.

6. Practice Meditation

According to research, meditation relaxes both your body and mind. Just find a comfortable place, position and an open mind. How does meditation help? Studies show that meditation can help relieve stress, gives you tools to manage stress, reduces negative emotions or attitudes, helps to nourish creativity, and assists in being more patient. Helps you to stay focused

7. Use Social Media wisely

Owing to the current situation, many resort to social media when it comes to entertaining themselves. While it is a better option to divert your mind, it can also have some drawbacks. The information at times are misleading, videos/ posts often can be disturbing and overwhelming. Hence, you need to make sure you are using social media righteously.

8. Opt for mind relaxing supplements.

Supplements that contain magnesium in it are known to relax your mind, give you better sleep and relieves anxiety. You can have one magnesium tablet daily and it can do its work. One of the best magnesio supplement that’s available is Fast&Up Magnesio.

Fast&Up Magnesio supplement is a refreshing Lime & Lemon flavored formula designed to ease muscle cramps, spasms, fatigue, stress and exhaustion by restoring and promoting healthy magnesium and zinc levels in the body. Formulated with effervescent technology, Fast&Up Magnesio offers maximum absorption, bioavailability, convenience and compliance with 300 mg elemental magnesium and 10 mg Zinc. It is helpful in bone health, muscle health, sleep health and overall nervous system.