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How much luggage do you take with you when you travel on your honeymoon? Should you stick to the basics, or do you think you’ll find yourself traveling with items that you consider to be unconventional?

For example, traveling with musical instruments (or animals) can be easier said than done. And that’s especially true if you’re traveling by air. 

The same holds true for other types of luggage, too, such as camping equipment, SCUBA gear, or kayaking equipment. 

So if you’re planning a honeymoon for after the reception and the , and you intend to bring unconventional luggage with you, here are five tips that can help:

  1. Plan in advance

This is where it all starts. If you’re traveling with a piece of unconventional luggage, you need to plan as far in advance as possible.

Take for example the need to travel by air with your guitar. 

Can you carry it on the plane? Do you have to check it? Will it cost you extra money?

When you plan in advance, you won’t run into any unforeseen issues when your travel day arrives. 

  1. Consider if you can leave it at home

Even if you want to take an item with you, ask yourself this question: do you really need it?

If the answer is no, it’s probably best to leave it at home. There’s no reason to put any unnecessary stress on yourself during your travels. 

  1. Consider alternative modes of travel

Sticking with the example above, maybe you find that it’ll be entirely too difficult to travel with your guitar by plan. Not only will it bog you down, but it’ll also cost additional money. Add in the fact that it could suffer damage along the way, and you’re in a tight spot.

This is when you should look into alternative modes of travel. For example, you may be able to drive to your destination, thus allowing you to keep your guitar safe in your backseat or trunk. 

  1. Ship it

Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense to travel with a piece of unconventional luggage. You’re better off shipping it to your destination. 

In today’s world, there are more shipping options than ever before. Not to mention the fact that it’s convenient to have the item waiting for you upon your arrival. 

If you’re interested in this option, learn more about how to proceed a few weeks in advance of your trip. You don’t want to wait until the last minute. 

  1. Don’t make your problem someone else’s problem 

This is one of those things that is easy to overlook. If you’re traveling with unconventional luggage — no matter the mode of transportation — don’t let it interfere with someone else.

For instance, if you’re taking your luggage on the plane with you, don’t cramp your seatmate with it. Instead, be respectful of everyone around you. 

Questions to ask and answer

There is no shortage of questions and concerns when traveling with unconventional luggage. Fortunately, when you address everything head-on, you’ll never find yourself with a problem you can’t solve. 

Here are some of the most important questions to ask and answer:

  • Do you really need to take the item with you, or could you get by without it on your honeymoon?
  • What’s the cost of taking the luggage with you?
  • Is shipping a more time-efficient and/or cost-effective option?
  • Do you have any concerns about your item being damaged during your travels?
  • What steps can you take to ensure that your luggage doesn’t get lost?

As you answer these questions, many others will come to light. Continue to address them, one at a time, until you have a plan to guide you. 

Chances are that if you’re traveling with a piece of unconventional luggage it’s important to you. And for that reason, you should take all the proper precautions. 

Final thoughts

It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting the United States from another country or traveling around Europe by car, be sure that you know what luggage you need and what you can leave at home on your honeymoon after the champagne, photos, and .

Should you find that you have to pack something that is considered unconventional, plan as far in advance as possible. 

Do you ever find yourself traveling with unconventional luggage? Do you have any tips to add to the five above? 

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