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Today, surveys are used for multiple purposes. Surveys are questions prepared to collect the participants’ feelings, thoughts, and suggestions on some issues. The benefits of surveys are undeniable. The surveys need to reach large masses in terms of survey technique and their suitability for the survey. 

The larger the audience the surveys reach, the more successful the survey result will be. Text-only surveys often take too long to complete and are tedious for respondents.

Most respondents start a survey but drop it because it’s too long. To make a survey reach large audiences, you should organize it in a way that engages respondents. You can make a survey enjoyable by using images in surveys.

Do surveys with images perform better?

There are several advantages to including photos in your online quiz. One of the best ways to engage respondents in online surveys is to use images. Using images in surveys increases the rate of survey response. Since the human brain interprets images more effectively than text, people are likelier to notice visual information than written facts. As a result, a pertinent image can respond directly to the information they’re searching for more quickly. 

According to Massachusetts Institute of Technology experts, the human brain can complete an image’s processing in as little as 13 milliseconds. Additionally, it has been asserted that images boost user engagement—by as much as 94%. The study found that if consumers could not see a product on its whole, a startling 62% would not purchase that business.

Images in online surveys may improve the user experience and make it simpler for respondents to reply to questions. The photos may be interactive, have a beautiful visual effect, and make the overall survey more engaging. People react better to pictures, increasing the survey’s appeal. 

How to create a survey with pictures (easy steps)

The polls with photos provide attractive themes and images that display well. According to scientific studies, humans are highly visual creatures. As a result, respondents have a better experience with photo and picture polls. Higher involvement translates into higher-quality survey data! On, creating a free image survey is simple. In the following, a few methods explain how you can add a picture to the survey you created in

1.  Adding question pics

A survey full of articles can be boring for anyone. Using images makes your surveys much more interesting and increases your response rate. It is very easy to add images to your survey that you created for free on 

2.  Adding images to answer options

Putting the answers visually in the survey can make the survey more colorful and fun. You can make the participants participate more willingly in the survey questions by adding visuals to the answers. You can create replies with images easily on

3.  Adding image content as a separate field

Constantly asking questions to the participants may bore them and cause them to leave the survey unfinished. You can enable the participants to breathe with the survey visuals you will add between questions on

Free survey templates to create more visual surveys

Images have the power to inspire, motivate, and alter perceptions. It is crucial to your survey that you include photos in your online surveys, polls, forms, and questionnaires. Many online survey providers only provide text-based options, but using images in your surveys can increase their effectiveness. 

You can create a free online survey on With the wide variety of survey template offers its users, and you finally have everything you need to visualize data so that people cannot help but respond. You can engage your participants by using the free survey maker with pictures. You can start with the following free templates on to use survey with photos.

Respondents will first see the survey’s design before reading the introduction or any of the questions. With the use of background photos, logos, colors, and fonts, you can also make your surveys stand out and appear professional. Respondents are more engaged in the subject of an online survey when replies to survey question types include images.

Interactive questions with images engage respondents in online research and increase response rates. You can make your survey more interesting by using the pic survey tool. You may design your survey on forms by adding photographs, questions, and answers. is a free platform for creating online surveys.