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If you’re looking to incorporate resistance bands into your workouts, then you don’t want to miss this video.

If you’re looking for resistance bands or resistance band workout programs, please visit:

Topics covered in this video:
– Loop power bands vs tube bands
– Ways to adjust resistance level with bands
– What is the equivalent resistance level in bands vs weights
– What is Linear Variable Resistance & why it’s important
– How to anchor resistance bands using only your body
– How to anchor resistance bands using a door anchor
– How to create the ideal angle of pull or plane of resistance
– Ways to increase resistance with bands, to create unlimited resistance levels
– Other equipment needed with resistance band training, including the right type of gloves
– How to measure progress with resistance bands
– Comparing resistance bands to free weights
– Benefits of resistance band training

James Grage

You can purchase the TA2 BUILD Complete Muscle Building Program with Resistance Bands here:

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